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Friday, June 29, 2007
Okay so i'm BEAT!! The moms i became friends with over this past fall, came by for a playdate with their kiddos this morning. In total there were 11 kids in my house and backyard. The kids had a blast playing together, and while messes were made, they all cleaned up which is all that really matters in the end. I made a bunch of muchies for the kids and moms...2 dozen apple cinnamon muffins, 3 dozen oatmeal raisin cookies and a fruit/veggie platter...and the kids seemed to love it all. One kid who doesn't eat anything, actually ate one of the cookies and really liked it. Anyhow since i'm tired i figured i'd do a 8 random facts about me for your enjoyment.

8 Random Tidbits about Me!!

** I don't like my food to touch, and when eating i won't move on to eating something else on my plate until i finish the first thing.

** I'm a citizen of three countries, the Philippines by birth, the US by my parents and Canada i guess you could say thru choice

** I never wanted to have a son, now i'll tell anyone how kickass it is to be a mom to a wonderful little boy

** I'm HIGHLY organized. Everything has a place in my house and i can tell when something is missing or out of place. I actually used to count my kids blocks as i cleaned them up to make sue they were all there (i don't do this anymore lol)

** besides my food not being able to touch, i have a millon food issues and aversions. Seriously there are WAY more foods i can not eat then there are that i can.

** On both of my feet, my big toe and the one next to it are both the same length, and my baby toe and the one next to it are the same length

** I can say the alphabet backwards...cause you know you never know when you might need to do that

** While i feel outnumbered by my kids and stressed out by them at times, i want more children. I'd love to have twins again, or even higher multiples like triplets or sextuplets LOL (yes i'm insane!)

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm a Top Mommma!I'm still a Top Momma!! I'm going on day 7 now. Don't forget to keep clicking to keep me on the front page!!


In other news....today is the last day of school for Daynah. Starting tomorrow i'll have all four kids home with me ALL. DAY. LONG. The upside to this summer, compared to last year is that I have a car, so I have the possibility of leaving the house. Of course then comes the ideas of where one person can take all four kids by herself. I'd love to be able to go to a local pool a day or two a week, but until i grow another 2 sets of arms thats out of the question, as only Daynah can swim. I had planned to put all the kids in a dance class this summer, the three little ones in one class and Daynah in another at the same time. Of course i waited too long, and by the time i got around to doing it, the kiddos class was full. It was only 45 mins, one day a week...but it would have been so nice to have at least one scheduled activity to look forward to each week. I'm thinking in a few weeks (days lol), i'll start sporting bald patches from where i've pulled the hair right out of my head. If i'm lucky by the end of the summer I'll be the one sitting in the corner rocking back and forth and holding myself...i'm thinking this will happen more mid-summer though.

This weekend is Canada Day, my favorite holdiay all year long (well its tied with the fourth of July, but i never get to celebrate that anymore). I can not wait to see the fireworks....i look forward to them every year. I swear i'm like a little kid with how giddy i get over them. I remember when i was a kid, i used to pretend that the fireworks on July 4th were an early birthday present to me since i was born on the 7th.

Speaking of my birthday....it's getting close now. A week from today my oldest and bestest friend Jen flies up to visit me and celebrate my 30th birthday. I'm dreading turning 30, and she loves that i turn 30 before her. We are going to do all sorts of touristy stuff when she's up. We'll take her to the zoo, hit Niagara Falls (seriously the canadian side is sooo much better then the american), hang out at the local beach if its warm enough, maybe walk along the lakeshore in Toronto and see the CN tower. I absolutey can not wait to see her. This will only be the second time she's come up to canada, the last time was almost 9 yrs ago for my wedding.

Let's see what else can i tell you guys. On Monday night i went to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill when they played the Air Canada Centre in Toronto for their Soul to Soul II tour. I was soooo excited to go. You see back when they first toured together, in 2000, i had tickets to see them when they first came to Toronto. Daynah was just a baby, and this was going to be our first big night out without her. Unfortunately betweening buying the tickets and the show, Peter lost his job and we were barely scrapping by. I had already taken all my jewelry (minus 2 pairs of simple gold earrings, my promise ring and my engagement ring/wedding band) to a place that will buy used jewelry for cash to help us with the costs of formula/diapers and every day needs. It was then that i decided aftering seeing and hearing how popular this concert was, to sell my tickets. So when i saw they were coming back to TO i was stoked. We went to the concert on Monday night and it was absolutely amazing!! Faith has such a powerful voice, and Tim is an awesome entertainer. Between the two of them, they were on stage for 3 hrs. Each did their own hour or so long set, and also did a bunch of duets together. When they sang their duets, the chemistry between the two of them was so intense you could just feel it. I honestly felt like i was intruding on an intimate moment. Truly an amazing concert!

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Friday, June 22, 2007
Back in the fall of 96, i was in my second year of college at Anne Arundel Community College, or as i had affectionately dubbed it "any asshole can come". I had graduated from highschool in 1995 towards the top of my class and was admitted into all of the colleges i applied to and even received scholarships. However as i was paying my own way thru school, and the scholarships weren't enough to cover it and i couldn't get financial aid because my parents made too much, AACC was my only option.

It was during my third semester where I had a huge break between my classes and discovered the computer labs. The school's computer lab was so ancient. The computes were these beasts of a machine, huge monitors with green text, windows no where to be found lol. It was during one of these breaks one day, that my friend Julie and I decided to try out this internet chat group called IRC. We joined a chat room for people aged 17-25 and began chatting. This was a very popular and busy chatroom, and i began talking to a group of people who appeared to be friends. One of these people went by the screen name "Kelsey". "Kelsey" and I started chatting and we seemed to have a lot in common and so we exchanged emails. Over the next few weeks we exchanged emails and would arrange times to meet up in IRC to chat. We had been chatting for over a month, when he asked if he could call me for the first time, and i said yes. He would call me about every night and we continued to chat daily online and email each other. As weird as it was, i was having sincerely strong feelings for him, and him for me. Three months after we first met online in that chatroom, "Kelsey" drove 10 hrs from Canada to Maryland to spend almost two weeks with me. (If you haven't figured it out yet, "Kelsey" is my hubby).

We had an amazing two weeks together, although it ended abruptly and ugly due to my parents discovering we had been having sex together...they wouldn't even let me say good-bye to him in person. Depsite that, once he got back to canada we continued chatting online and talking nightly. During his first visit with me he had brought me a beautiful ruby ring and promised himself to me, we were in love. We were able to visit usually every 2 months and 5 months after that first time that we had met in person, we were engaged. A year after that we were married.

We lived apart from the time we met online in Nov 96, till I moved up to Canada in May 98. One of us would arrange a visit every few months for a few days, sometimes a few weeks, but for the most part our relationship was carried on thru emails, phone calls and mail. It was an incredibly long and hard road, but we made it.

The other night i was going thru a box that i keep all my really personal things in that i want to keep. Inside i had a rose from the night Peter asked me to marry him. I have my two journals packed full of poetry. There were four papers i had written in college that i had poured my heart and soul into. All the letters and cards that Peter sent me during our "dating" are kept in that box. There are are also cards and notes from my kiddos now too. And at the bottom of the box, buried underneath everything else, are three journals. The first journal begins just after i first met Peter online and the last one ends about a month after I moved up to Canada. I read thru all three the other night. It took me several hours, and while reading thru them, i could remember exactly how i felt when i had written those entries. How in love and happy i was when the two of us were together, and how miserable i was when we had been apart from each other for far too long. Reading them made me laugh at times and other times blush because it seemed i wanted to commit every detail to memory if you know what i mean LOL.

After i was done reading them, i buried them back underneather everything and had Peter put them back up on the high shelf in my room, that even i can't reach. Afterwards though i got to thinking about those journals and what should become of them. They aren't exactly things i want my children to ever read. There are details (those blushing details) that no one should ever read again lol, but there are also some less then stellar moments of mine and my parents that i don't want to share with anyone. So what does one do with journals from their past as well as letters (I'm sure i don't want anyone reading the letters Peter and I exchanged during that time)?? Do you take one last leisurely walk thru the pages, soaking it all in and then put it all out with the rest of the trash? Or do you keep it up on a high shelf, or stuffed in a box on top of your closet forever and hope that once you pass and your children are going thru your belongings that they don't take the time to peruse your written words? I'm such a sentimentalist that I want to hang on to every last piece of our past together, but at the same time, i think i am okay with knowing that those words and exchanges we've shared are stored away in the very fibre of my soul and heart and that i don't need to hold on to the actual physicallity of the paper. Saying and thinking that of course is so much easier then actually doing it though.
So do you hold on to those things or let them go??

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
SCATTERGORIES...it's harder than it looks!
Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following...They MUST be real places, names, things...NOTHING made up!

Your Name: Geena

Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Genesis

4 letter word: Good

Vehicle: Geo (do they even make those anymore?)

TV Show: Grey's Anatomy

City: Guelph

Boy Name: George

Girl Name: Giselle

Alcoholic drink: Gin

Occupation: Gynocologist

Flower: Gerber Daisy

Something you wear: G-string

Something you do: Grow-up

Color: Grey

Sport: Golf

Something that you like: Games

Celebrity: Geena Davis

Food: Grapes

Something found in a kitchen: Glasses

Reason for Being Late: Gastro-intestinal issues

Cartoon Character: Gumby

Something You Shout: GO!!

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Okay i've got nothing today...i'm TIRED. We were over at a friend's house this morning for a playgroup....5 moms (including myself) for a total of 11 kids. All the kids get along so well and they had a great time and we were all able to chat which is of course what we love lol. So since i'm coming up with nothing else to write about...how about i share some embarassing moments in my life with you. Now to make me feel better about sharing these wtih you, i'd love it if you'd share one of your embarassing moments either on your blog or in my comment section.

Embarassing Moments!!

**I was a junior in highschool and i was wearing this super cute kilt skirt. As i was walking thru the senior parking lot on my way home from school, i kept hearing whistles and cat calls...which was making me feel awesome about myself. Well i was thru the parking lot and down the hill leading to the road, when a friend came running up to me and informed me that my skirt had caught on my backpack and was pulled up because of it and i was showing everyone my ass.

**Again in highschool i was walking down the huge front hall stairs, reading a note or something, on my way to lunch i think. I was about 2 or 3 steps from the top and then the next thing i know i'm at the halfway landing lying in a lump. Ya, it seems i was so intent on reading the note that i FORGOT i was walking down the stairs and instead fell down them.

**Okay this one is probably at least 8 yrs old now. Back when my husband and I were first married we had two roomates living in our house with us. One roomate i couldn't stand, and the other we are still close to to this day. So one evening I wanted to bake some cookies, the only thing was that while i was mixing and baking the cookies i was also drinking, quite heavily i might add. I was drinking shots, i was drinking peach schnaps straight, and i was also drinking cranberry and vodka. So i've baked some cookies, i have some cooling and the next rack is ready to come out of the oven. I reach in, pull them out turn around to show my hubby and our roomate what a lovely bunch of cookies i've made. It was then that i realized my hand was hot, so i threw the pan up into the air and the cookies went flying. Moral of the story...don't bake drunk LOL.

**Last one and this one is only a few months old. One date night, after going out bowling, Peter took me to a strip club for the very first time. I've always been curious to see what one was like, so he took me to the girls strip club in our city. So we go in and i'm not quite sure what to expect. We sit at a table a little bit back from the stage, and i notice a room behind us where some men were sitting. I thought it was weird that the men were sitting that far back from the stage, until i realized that was the lap dance room. Then the next dancer hit the stage and i was always under the impression that strippers stripped down to a gstring and were topless. My jaw must have hit the floor and my face turned red when the lady on stage started dancing around completely naked!! Color me naive.

Okay so those are just a few of my embarrassing moments...share some of yours with me :)

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I'm a Top Mommma!

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Friday, June 15, 2007
Juleigha had her assessment today for the Speech Foundation of Canada. She has been on the wait list for this place for nearly 2 years. This is the place you want to be able to go to if you have a speech delay. They only take children with very severe speech delays. This morning we drove in for her assessment, it took probably about an hour and a half, covering comprehension as well as expressive language. The SLP had a a booklet that she filled out as they played that she would later use to score Juleigha as well as use to refer back to when writing her report. At the end of the assessment, she turned off the video camera, looked at us and said i don't need to score her, she'll be coming here in the fall. Yep its that bad.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Yesterday my girlies graduated from Preschool!! When we arrived for drop-off yesterday morning instead of the kids going into the room, the parents did while the teachers husteled the kiddos down the hall to get ready for their graduation ceremony. About 15 mins or so later, Ms. Trish came in and cued the music and the graduation march began. I about cried right then and there lol. Then in strolled the kids, in pairs, wearing a graduation sash and a graduation cap, eaching sporting a pair of sunglasses lol. Melyssa and Juleigha were walking in together and they looked so very happy. Once the kids were in and seated, they sang us a song, We are here to graduate, graduate graduate. We are here to graduate on this special day!! Then Ms. Trish called each child up one at a time, where she said a little about each child and handed them their diploma. Melyssa got called up and we were told that her favorite place to play was the workshop and who her favorite friends to play with were. When asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, she said a baker of pizzas' lol, and she doesn't even like pizza very much. Her teachers think she'll be a nurse though, because she is very gentle and soft spoken. I had to laugh, because Melyssa is anything but soft spoken and if there is a tiff between the kids she's usually the one that has hit or biten.
Once the first row of kids got their diplomas they sang their ABC's and then the second row of children got called up one at a time. When Juleigha was called up we were told that her favorite place to play was the workshop (who would have guessed lol) and that she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up, which i can totally see. Her teachers said that whenever there is music on she just starts dancing away, which is totally true she will dance with or without music whenever the mood strikes her. Her teachers on the other hand fully believe she will be an computer animator because she loves to do crafts and draw and she'll sit and do the craft as long as it takes and she has infinite patience.
After that it was time to say good-bye and collect the various graduation crafts on display around the room.

Then we went home and changed into play clothes and got ready to meet up at the big park in our city where we spent the afternoon with the rest of the kids from preschool. We had a potluck picnic lunch (that i made 96 cupcakes for). Afterwards we broke into three groups and in turn everyone got do to a wagon ride, feed the goats and play putt-putt. Let me tell you there is nothing funnier then watching a bunch of 3-4 yr olds play mini-golf. Lucas was hitting the ball like it was pool, and Juleigha was just trying to sweep her's into the hole. After all the activities were done with we all met up together again for one last farewell. The teachers gave each of the kiddos a book and also gave the parents an ABC book that the kids had been working on all year.

By the end of the afternoon everyone was HOT and tired. Home we went, where the kids cooled off with some ice-cream and then playing inside the air conditoned house. After i a bit i took a few more pictures of the girlies, including this re-enactmen of their favorite part of the graduation ceremony..

And just on a side-note, the girls also had a soccer game last night (well Lucas too but he chose not to go). Melyssa was goalie the first half of the game and did a really good job. Juleigha played the whole first half of the game and she was really running after the ball. She had control of the ball the most, was taking it away from the other team, got knocked down a few times but got right back up and took off again. But best of all she scored a GOAL!! I was sooo impressed with her, even the other parents were saying she was great last night...does a momma good i tell ya. The second half of the game, Juleigha played goalie and made a lot of great saves and Melyssa played on the field. She wasn't able to get the ball quite as well as Juleigha but she did a great job as well, taking the ball up the field when she had it, trying to score and running (this is big for Melyssa in and of itself..she kinda jogs or even just walks lol). I really wished i'd had my camera last night, going to have to defintely take it with me next week. Oh and before i forget, the coach was actually there and after the first half of the game, he came up to Juleigha and I and said to her "great job Juleigha, what did you do take lessons between saturday and now" lol.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007
I was tagged by Alien, i figured i'd do it before i head out to openning day of soccer

The challenge is to use ONE WORD for each answer (no explanations).

Yourself: Caring

Your Partner: Funny

Your Hair: boring

Your Mother: injured

Your Father: spy

Your Favorite Item: laptop

Your Dream Last Night: soccer

Your Favorite Drink: water

Your Dream Car: mazada5

Your Dream Home: acreage

The Room You Are In: tv

Your Fear: loss

Where You Want To Be In Ten Years: country

Who You Hung Out With Last Night: peter

You're Not: athletic

One of Your Wish List Items: vacation

The Last Thing You Did: ate

You Are Wearing: clothes

Your Favorite Weather: Cool

Your Favorite Book: scrapbooks

Last Thing You Ate: cereal

Your Life: hectic

Your Mood: dreading

Your Best Friend: Jen

What Are You Thinking About Right Now: soccer

Your Car: montana

What Are You Doing At The Moment: procrastinating

Relationship Status: Married

What Is On Your TV: Madagascar

What Is The Weather Like: sunny

When Is The Last Time You Laughed: yesterday

I'm tagging Kath, Dana and KimmyKay

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

* Juleigha has been on the waitlist for the Ontario Speech Foundation for almost two years now. From what i have heard, this is the place to be when you have a speech delay like Juleigha has. Her name has finally come up on the waitlist, and we are going in for an assessment in just over a week. If that goes well, then she'll start up therapy there twice a week. The only downsides to this are that its a fairly long drive away from where we live on an extremely busy highway, also they use the PROMPT method to help with her delay, and Juleigha does not like people touching her face.

* My 30th birthday is one month away now, ugh. I am NOT looking forward to turning 30 at all, it just seems so old. Sometimes it still feels like yesterday that i graduated from high school (and yet its really been 12 yrs dear lord), and I still feel so young compared to other mothers with children the same ages as mine. The only good thing that is coming out of my birthday is my bestfriend is flying up for the weekend, and i can not wait!! She arrives 4 weeks exactly from today :)

* Lucas has been asking for several months now to get his ear pierced. Several times a day he'll point to my earrings and then to his ear and say "want one". So being the rebel mommy that i am (LMAO) we went last night and let him get it done. He sat in the chair all by himself and he didn't cry at all when the gun pushed the earring thru his ear. He hasn't messed with it at all and has let me clean it without protests. Last night after he got it done and we were home, he asked me why he only had one and not two LOL. And yes, my hubby was fine with him having it done, its not like its a permanent change...if ever lucas decides he wants it out, out it will come and the hole will close right up. For now though, he looks cute with his little 3mm gold stud :)

* Juleigha & Melyssa have preschool graduation on Tuesday and i can not wait to see them. They've been working the last few weeks on secret crafts to give us after graduation, and the other day they were making sashes to wear during graduation. After graduation we bring them home to change into play clothes and then we head out to our local park to meet up with everyone for a big potluck picnic and mini-golf, wagon rides and petting zoo fun. Peter is taking the day off of work to see their cermony and to enjoy the fun with us, and we are even going to keep daynah home as well so she can come.

* Yesterday was the last afternoon preschool class, it was so sad. I looked forward to wednesday's every week as it was my time to sit and relax and chat with other moms. We've become so close over the past 9 months, and we are planning on having weekly playdates together over the summer, and hopefully getting together a few times sans kids as well.

* Daynah only has just under 3 weeks of school left. MUST. FIGURE. OUT. THINGS. FOR. HER. TO. DO. THIS. SUMMER!!

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
The kids had their soccer pictures tonight as well as a game. Daynah had her practice at the same time as the little ones game and pictures, so i had the three of them on my own again. After being ungodly hot all last week, today the weather dropped down to 9C, on a night my kids need to be out in shorts and shortsleeved soccer jersey's. I put white long sleeve shirts under their jersey's for warmth, but it wasn't cutting it. Their hands were cold, their little noses were red...they were miserable. Their picture time was first so we went there and did individual pictures, which while they weren't smiling will hopefully turn out halfway decently. After that we trudged down the field for the group photo. By this point all the kids are miserable, mine included. Only half of the team has shown up....oh ya, and neither the coach or the assistant coach are present either. We are getting our team picture down, minus half the kids and with no freakin' coach!! Having coached last year, this pissed me off to no end. Lucas doesn't want to sit on the bench with everyone else...he keeps getting up and trying to come to me. I'm sorta standing off to the side and the photographer won't let me. I finally get Lucas to sit between his sisters and he is bawling his eyes out the entire time, and Melyssa is crying a bit too. As soon as the pictures were taken we headed back up the field to where we had left our stuff and packed up and headed home. Without a coach there is no game. Even if there had been a coach though i would have taken my kids home....i put their coats on that i brought with me after their group picture but it was still too cold and windy to be out there. As we were packing up myself and another mom were discussing the fact that the coach wasn't there, when behind us his wife speaks up saying that no one can fault him for not being there because he had day surgery today, and that he didn't want to coach he was called and asked and he did it anyway. Now i get he had day surgery fine, but he could have told us last week that he wouldn't be here tonight for pictures, and he certaintly could have made sure that his assistant coach showed up. Secondly my husband and I were asked to coach as well, and we said we couldn't. If this guy didn't want to coach, he could have easily have said no as well, the soccer association can't make anyone coach, its a volunteer position!!
Daynah's out at the soccer field now waiting to get her pictures done, hopefully she has a better experience.

**here's Daynah's soccer pic, well the one we took at the same time the photographer was snapping his

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