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Thursday, June 07, 2007

* Juleigha has been on the waitlist for the Ontario Speech Foundation for almost two years now. From what i have heard, this is the place to be when you have a speech delay like Juleigha has. Her name has finally come up on the waitlist, and we are going in for an assessment in just over a week. If that goes well, then she'll start up therapy there twice a week. The only downsides to this are that its a fairly long drive away from where we live on an extremely busy highway, also they use the PROMPT method to help with her delay, and Juleigha does not like people touching her face.

* My 30th birthday is one month away now, ugh. I am NOT looking forward to turning 30 at all, it just seems so old. Sometimes it still feels like yesterday that i graduated from high school (and yet its really been 12 yrs dear lord), and I still feel so young compared to other mothers with children the same ages as mine. The only good thing that is coming out of my birthday is my bestfriend is flying up for the weekend, and i can not wait!! She arrives 4 weeks exactly from today :)

* Lucas has been asking for several months now to get his ear pierced. Several times a day he'll point to my earrings and then to his ear and say "want one". So being the rebel mommy that i am (LMAO) we went last night and let him get it done. He sat in the chair all by himself and he didn't cry at all when the gun pushed the earring thru his ear. He hasn't messed with it at all and has let me clean it without protests. Last night after he got it done and we were home, he asked me why he only had one and not two LOL. And yes, my hubby was fine with him having it done, its not like its a permanent change...if ever lucas decides he wants it out, out it will come and the hole will close right up. For now though, he looks cute with his little 3mm gold stud :)

* Juleigha & Melyssa have preschool graduation on Tuesday and i can not wait to see them. They've been working the last few weeks on secret crafts to give us after graduation, and the other day they were making sashes to wear during graduation. After graduation we bring them home to change into play clothes and then we head out to our local park to meet up with everyone for a big potluck picnic and mini-golf, wagon rides and petting zoo fun. Peter is taking the day off of work to see their cermony and to enjoy the fun with us, and we are even going to keep daynah home as well so she can come.

* Yesterday was the last afternoon preschool class, it was so sad. I looked forward to wednesday's every week as it was my time to sit and relax and chat with other moms. We've become so close over the past 9 months, and we are planning on having weekly playdates together over the summer, and hopefully getting together a few times sans kids as well.

* Daynah only has just under 3 weeks of school left. MUST. FIGURE. OUT. THINGS. FOR. HER. TO. DO. THIS. SUMMER!!

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