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Monday, July 30, 2007
Awwww new ink, makes me so very happy. Friday I had my appointment to get my tattoo done. I was sooo incredibly nervous while i was waiting for my artist to set everything up. This was going to be my 7th tattoo, but it had been 3 yrs since my last one, and this was going to be on the back of my neck. Sitting in the chair waiting to hear the familiar buzzing of the needle start and the first movements on my skin, i felt my stomach lurch...would this be my first tattoo to actually hurt? As the tattoo started my nervousness left and i was left just feeling happy. It didn't hurt not in the least, and i was thrilled to finally be getting a new tattoo. 45 mins later when he was all done, he let me know that i sit like a pro, but i bleed like a sieve lol. I love my new tat, my kids love my new tat (they keep telling me where they want to get their own tattoos). My mother is going to kill me when she sees it when they come up in September. She already refers to me as a biker momma and doesn't approve of the other 6 i have (she's was okay up until i got my third lol). The only downside to having the tattoo on the back of my neck right now is that i have to wear my hair up in a ponytail all. the. freakin'. time, which means fresh out of a shower the hair goes up. I currently have 9 bobbies pins, 2 barrettes and one elastic band holding my hair up, and i still have little hairs falling out the bottom of my ponytail!! I'm seriously tempted to go out tonight and hack off all my hair, but then i wouldn't be able to use it to help hide the tattoo when my mom is up!!

And yes, i already have plans for at least my next two tattoos. Ya i'm a bit addicted :)

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Yesterday around lunchtime I took my son's shorts and diaper off and announced we were going to start going pee in the potty. By bedtime last night he had made two great big pees on the potty and had one small accident on the kitchen floor on the way to the potty. Today is day 2 and he's had no accidents and one successful pee on the potty!! I had hoped he'd train as easily as Juleigha & Melyssa, but didn't want to get my hopes up (training Daynah was pure HELL). I've told him that if he doesn't have an accident, after lunch today he'll get to wear big boy underwears, he's got special Thomas the tank engine underwear. I can't believe it but I actually might have no one in diapers soon. I have been changing diapers in my house for almost 7 yrs now, and at one point all four were wearing diapers. It's going to be sad to close the door on that part of babyhood, but at the same time...i'm READY lmao!!

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Friday, July 13, 2007
I did this awhile ago, but back then i just had a little ipod nano and only had country music on my ipod. For my birthday hubby got me a 30 GB ipod, so now all my music fits (with lots of space left over). So let's see what i get this go around

Open your library.
Put it on shuffle.
Press play.
Type the song that is playing for every question.
Press the button again when you get to a new question.
Do not lie and try to pretend that you are cool.

Opening Credits: "Karma" by Jessica Andrews
Waking Up: "Set this Circus Down" by Tim McGraw
First Day of School: "Wicked Soldier" by Tonic
Falling in Love: "Spice up your life" by Spice Girls
Fight Songs: "To make you feel my love" by Garth Brooks
Breaking Up: "World on Fire" by Sara McLachlan
Prom: "Moving On" by Sixpence none the richer
Life: "She's not just a pretty face" by Shania Twain
Mental Breakdown: "In this life" by Colin Raye
Driving: "If i were brave" by Shawn Colvin
Flashback: "Till i said it to you" by Reba McEntire
Wedding: "Don't" by Jewel
Birth of a Child: "Good Enough" by Sarah McLachlan
Final Battle: "Argue" by Matchbox Twenty
Death Scene: "Kitchen Window" by Jann Arden
Funeral Song: "Another Spain" by Barenaked Ladies
End Credits: "Blame it on Me" by Barenaked Ladies

And don't forget, i'm still a TOP MOMMA...so keep on clicking on me (i'm the all that and a bag of milk saying) but you knew that already.

I'm a Top Mommma!

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Crazy Hip Blog Mama's Photo Friday!! Today's theme is Summer. A lot of my favorite pictures ever taken i've taken during the summer. My four kids love to be outside, and i love to have my camera handy. Today though i thought i'd share a recent picture of all four of my kiddos(although three of them are from the back lol) admiring the beautiful nature of Niagara Falls.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007
Dana tagged me to tell everyone eight things about my husband and me. Not sure there is anything exciting left to tell after i did this post recently...but here goes.

1. He asked me to marry him on my 20th birthday. We went out to dinner at the CN tower and then for a walk along the lakeshore. It was during the walk that he had stopped for what i assumed was to tie his shoe, so i kept walking. He had to call me back so that he could propose.

2. He snuck me into the country 2 months before our wedding. When crossing the border since the car was loaded down with my belongings they made us pull over and go inside to be questioned. Neither of us could look at the border agent while answering her questions. I told them we had no plans for marriage as i wanted to finish school first and that i was only up for the summer. Thankgod they didn't search the car, because my wedding dress was in the trunk!

3. We will be married 9 yrs on the 24th of July. I was only 21 yrs old when we got married (and had only been 21 for 17 days

4. Our first Valentine's day together we sent each other the exact same gift. A stuffed eeyore holding a heart from the Disney Store.

5. Our screen names when we met online were Kelsey and Tear. Kelsey for him because his parents own several Kelsey's restuarants and he was working at one at the time. Tear for me, because it had been a longtime nickname as i tend to be an emotional person. My second tattoo i got a teardrop tattoo'd on my ankle because of how we met.

6. My husband and I have completely different senses of humour. Or i guess as he would say, he has no humour filter, so he finds even the stupidest stuff funny and i just roll my eyes at him

7. Hubby only wanted to have two kids, i talked him into three....we've been blessed with four. He's totally good with the four we have..i'd take a few more if i could.

8. Inside our wedding bands we have engraved "love always and forever" its how we've always signed our letters and emails to each other

Now my turn to tag some people

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We went to the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory after seeing the falls on Saturday. It was amazing to see so many butterflies in one spot. Lucas was ECSTATIC when one finally landed on his hat. I had one land on my head, while Peter had a huge one land on his shirt sand stay there for like 10 minutes. Melyssa was miserable when we left because none of the butterflies landed on her, which of course meant that they didn't like her.

Jen had never seen the falls so while she was up we figured she'd better see the more spectacular side of the falls. On the US side you just basically see the drop down, but on the Canadian side we have the drop as well as the huge horseshoe...its just truly beautiful to see. I hadn't even been back to see the falls since i was pregnant with Daynah, so it was nice to see again and to share their beauty with the kiddos.

While looking at the falls, i noticed a rainbow in the water due to the sun reflecting off the mist of the falls. I'm soooo glad this picture turned out well.

And finally because Candace asked...here is a picture taken of me in the front yard on my birthday with my 30 flamingos. They were supposed to be picked up yesterday, but they are still currently residing on my front lawn. When i first saw them on my lawn i jokingly said to my friend Jen, that my lawn looked like a retiree's home in Florida lol.

This was the best birthday i have had in a very long time. It was so great to have my friend up, we've been friends for 20 yrs now. We got to do a ton of fun things and just hang out at home and talk once all the kids were in bed for the night. While I wouldn't say i love my flamingos...i will never ever forget them, Peter also gave me a 30 GB ipod (30 GB for 30 yrs he said). I'm hoping that this weekend i'll be able to get some new ink with the money i was gifted from my inlaws...i've been wanting a new tattoo for over 2 yrs now, but always spend my money on the kids....this year i'm going to do something for myself though.

Off to take care of my baby boy. He's feeling pretty crummy. He's got a mystery fever and is just not a happy camper. Doesn't help that its hotter then Hades out.

And i'm still a TOP MOMMA, almost three weeks now. So keep clicking on me (or the badge below) to keep me on the front page!!

I'm a Top Mommma!

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Saturday, July 07, 2007
It's my birthday...i'ts my birthday. OMG i'm THIRTY!! And what do i get to commemorate this day...my husband arranges for 30 plastic flamingos to be placed on my front lawn.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
I'm a Top Mommma!Not sure how i've managed to pull it off, but i've been a TOP MOMMA for a whole two weeks now!! Keep clicking one me to keep me on the front page (or click on the badge). I'd love to land on the Hall of Fame.

My oldest and dearest friend comes into town tomorrow night and I CAN. NOT. WAIT! I have so much to do to get ready for her arrival though. Between now and then I need to wash the bedding for her bed and then make it, clean the house a bit and go grocery shopping, (we haven't gone in literally WEEKS). While i'm thrilled that she is coming up for the weekend, i'd be lying if i was happy about the reason behind it. You see, my birthday is on Saturday, my 30th birthday, and i'm not looking forward to it one ioata. I swear it was just yesterday that i graduated from high school, how in hell can i possibly be turning THIRTY!!??

Turning 30, also has me looking back on my life and looking forward as well. I thought that i'd be in a totally different place right now. Somehow i went from being a college girl bound and determined to get her degree and become a teacher, to being a college dropout and married at the tender age of 21. Now don't get me wrong, i love that i am a stay at home mom to my kiddos, i wouldn't have it any other way, but all of my hopes and dreams for the future got set aside when i fell in love with a canadian and moved up here to start our lives together. I went from being almost done with my degree, to having to start from scratch. I went from being a preschool teacher with lots of experience under my belt, to not being able to get a job up here. I went from being surrounded with family and friends to feeling secluded.

Starting in September i will have 2 hours, three mornings a week to myself and i have no clue what I am going to do with the time. In 3 yrs all four of my children will be in school full-time, what becomes of me then. I know that i want to be able to see them off in the morning and to be able to greet them when they come home. I can't get a job in my field of daycare because i don't have my two year degree here, even though i've been working in the field for years in the states, and quite frankly i don't think i'd want to anyhow. And by that point in my life i won't have worked in over 12 yrs, that is an incredibly long time.

I think i've lost sight of who i want to be when i grow up, and yet here i am turning 30. I want my kids to see that their mommy was just more then a mommy, that she did things she was interested in and completed things she wanted to do. To this very day i still long to complete my college degree. The problem with that lies in that i don't know what i want to go to school for anymore. All my life i've wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher but after four kids, that no longer draws me the way it used to. I wouldn't mind teaching older kids prehaps though, even then though i'm not sure if its truly my hearts desire anymore. Some of the things i consider doing are photography, midwifery, an L&D nurse or a NICU nurse...but i just don't know It seems like at the age of 33 (when all the kids are in school) that its too late to start most of those careers...but i do want something in my life and i want to show my kids that they can do anything they put their minds to, and i want to keep that promise i made to my father 9 yrs ago now that even though i was moving here to get married, i would finish my college education, because that promise was as much a promise to him as it was to myself.

How do i figure out who or what i want to be, when everything in my life is devoted to my children?

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