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Thursday, February 08, 2007
Well we survived the flu last week. As i last posted both Twin A & Twin B came down with the pukes Monday evening/night. Wednesday Twin B spent the day throwing up off and on, while Twin A seemed to be doing better. She wasn't eating, but she wasn't puking either and seemed to have a bit of energy. Twin B stopped puking just before bedtime, Twin A decided that would be a great time to start up. Thursday brought Twin B back to health, full of energy and ready to eat. Twin A however had zero energy and spent the whole day sleeping, waking up long enough to shift postions or to let me check on her. We were quite close to bringing her to the ER because she hadn't drank anything really since Monday night, but just before bedtime I finally was able to get her to take little sips of water every five minutes. Friday morning brought her back to her usual energized self. Hubby took the day off that day since he was going to have to come home early anyhow since Twin B had a hearing test that afternoon, so we decided to take advantage of the morning and we headed out to a Rainbow Playsystems indoor playground. The kids had a good time, though my little man was deathly afriad of the big Rainbow system they had set up to play on, he found other things to amuse himself with. The three kiddos played for awhile and then we sat down and gave them a snack before getting in the car and heading home. I was feeling a little off so went to the washroom before leaving where i promptly threwup. Seemed it was my turn to experience their flu. Only had to pull the car over once on the way home for me to puke. When we did get home, i spent the rest of that day huddled under a blanket on the couch. Hubby took Twin B for her hearing test (she passed), little man crashed on the couch having gone three days without his nap for various reasons and Twin B sat mesmerized by the boob tube. Hubby got home just in time to pick up OD from the bus, first words out of her mouth when she got home was "i don't feel good". Tell hubby to grab her a bucket and tell her to relax on the other couch and resumed dozing in and out. Next thing i know, OD is getting up going towards the bathroom when i hear her explode several times...evidently hubby didn't get that bucket like i told him to *sigh*. OD threw up the rest of the evening and a lot of the night, but she woke up famished and feeling good saturday morning. I was better come saturday as well, but didn't have much extra energy. As per usual the bug seemed to skip over my hubby...i swear that man hardly ever gets sick...and he always misses out on the real fun ones.

Twin A has been cracking us up lately...she is quite the little comedian. Some of the things she's said lately....

"I don't love Daddy when he's stinky."

this next comment she made when i was changing her little brother's diaper. She went to touch his penis and i told her she wasn't allowed to because it was his and it was his private area, just like how he can't touch her vagina. Anyhow she looks at me and says "when i get a penis i'm going to touch it!"

Saturday since she was really feeling better, and OD and I were back on our feet, it was going to be the first day in more then a week that we were all going to sit down to a dinner together with real food (the no puking kids had been eating a lot of cereal for dinner during the week). Hubby and I were discussing what we were going to do for dinner that night, and Twin A got it in her head that she wanted to go to a restuarant. We told her we weren't going to go out, because OD and I were just starting to feel better and it was too cold to go out anyhow. The poor girl got herself all worked up and literally cried over and over "resturant, resturant"

Everyday that girl makes me laugh...whether its because of her saying "a cause" to everything, her throwing one of her over dramatic fits or some new silly saying she's come up with, or thing she's discovered she can do (like make herself fart).

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