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Sunday, July 27, 2008
We went up north to my inlaws cottage for lunch today to celebrate my BIL's 30th birthday. While we were there I got these great pictures of the kiddos that i just needed to share.

I can not wait for tomorrow night. I have an appointment to get my 8th tattoo. This one is going to be on the back of my wrist...i'll post pictures once its done.

My parents come up for a visit on Tuesday, we were just down there but I can't wait to see them. Its been almost a year since they were last up here.

The kiddos start swimming lessons again tomorrow. I'm hoping that M, J and L get a different teacher then the last lesson just so i don't get called out for moving Lucas ahead even though he didn't pass.

Peter and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last week. We went out to dinner to celebrate and we even tried somewhere new which is unheard of from me, because i'm like the epitome of a picky eater. We went to this new Italian place literally right up the street from our house and the food was amazing. I even ate zucchini and asparagus for the first time, and i liked them both LOL. Anyhow, the food was great, and for a good price...defintely going to go back another night.

Tink, i had no idea that each Ripley's believe it or not was different. I guess that just goes to show how much strange stuff is in this world that they can make each one unique. I'll have to check it out when we head down to Disney again. In the meantime tell Hoop that you guys are more then welcome up here in Canada...and if you need a place to stay while you get settled we just put a king size bed in our basement that you are more then welcome to.

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At 1:40 PM, Blogger Tink said........
I love the picture of them all laughing! The hammock makes a great colorful setting too. I want to visit Canada so bad. I know that sounds crazy since I live in Florida, THE tourist capital. But it's true.

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