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Friday, June 29, 2007
Okay so i'm BEAT!! The moms i became friends with over this past fall, came by for a playdate with their kiddos this morning. In total there were 11 kids in my house and backyard. The kids had a blast playing together, and while messes were made, they all cleaned up which is all that really matters in the end. I made a bunch of muchies for the kids and moms...2 dozen apple cinnamon muffins, 3 dozen oatmeal raisin cookies and a fruit/veggie platter...and the kids seemed to love it all. One kid who doesn't eat anything, actually ate one of the cookies and really liked it. Anyhow since i'm tired i figured i'd do a 8 random facts about me for your enjoyment.

8 Random Tidbits about Me!!

** I don't like my food to touch, and when eating i won't move on to eating something else on my plate until i finish the first thing.

** I'm a citizen of three countries, the Philippines by birth, the US by my parents and Canada i guess you could say thru choice

** I never wanted to have a son, now i'll tell anyone how kickass it is to be a mom to a wonderful little boy

** I'm HIGHLY organized. Everything has a place in my house and i can tell when something is missing or out of place. I actually used to count my kids blocks as i cleaned them up to make sue they were all there (i don't do this anymore lol)

** besides my food not being able to touch, i have a millon food issues and aversions. Seriously there are WAY more foods i can not eat then there are that i can.

** On both of my feet, my big toe and the one next to it are both the same length, and my baby toe and the one next to it are the same length

** I can say the alphabet backwards...cause you know you never know when you might need to do that

** While i feel outnumbered by my kids and stressed out by them at times, i want more children. I'd love to have twins again, or even higher multiples like triplets or sextuplets LOL (yes i'm insane!)

And I'm still a TOP MOMMA!! So click on the link in any of the below posts to keep me on the front page :)

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