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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Okay i've got nothing today...i'm TIRED. We were over at a friend's house this morning for a playgroup....5 moms (including myself) for a total of 11 kids. All the kids get along so well and they had a great time and we were all able to chat which is of course what we love lol. So since i'm coming up with nothing else to write about...how about i share some embarassing moments in my life with you. Now to make me feel better about sharing these wtih you, i'd love it if you'd share one of your embarassing moments either on your blog or in my comment section.

Embarassing Moments!!

**I was a junior in highschool and i was wearing this super cute kilt skirt. As i was walking thru the senior parking lot on my way home from school, i kept hearing whistles and cat calls...which was making me feel awesome about myself. Well i was thru the parking lot and down the hill leading to the road, when a friend came running up to me and informed me that my skirt had caught on my backpack and was pulled up because of it and i was showing everyone my ass.

**Again in highschool i was walking down the huge front hall stairs, reading a note or something, on my way to lunch i think. I was about 2 or 3 steps from the top and then the next thing i know i'm at the halfway landing lying in a lump. Ya, it seems i was so intent on reading the note that i FORGOT i was walking down the stairs and instead fell down them.

**Okay this one is probably at least 8 yrs old now. Back when my husband and I were first married we had two roomates living in our house with us. One roomate i couldn't stand, and the other we are still close to to this day. So one evening I wanted to bake some cookies, the only thing was that while i was mixing and baking the cookies i was also drinking, quite heavily i might add. I was drinking shots, i was drinking peach schnaps straight, and i was also drinking cranberry and vodka. So i've baked some cookies, i have some cooling and the next rack is ready to come out of the oven. I reach in, pull them out turn around to show my hubby and our roomate what a lovely bunch of cookies i've made. It was then that i realized my hand was hot, so i threw the pan up into the air and the cookies went flying. Moral of the story...don't bake drunk LOL.

**Last one and this one is only a few months old. One date night, after going out bowling, Peter took me to a strip club for the very first time. I've always been curious to see what one was like, so he took me to the girls strip club in our city. So we go in and i'm not quite sure what to expect. We sit at a table a little bit back from the stage, and i notice a room behind us where some men were sitting. I thought it was weird that the men were sitting that far back from the stage, until i realized that was the lap dance room. Then the next dancer hit the stage and i was always under the impression that strippers stripped down to a gstring and were topless. My jaw must have hit the floor and my face turned red when the lady on stage started dancing around completely naked!! Color me naive.

Okay so those are just a few of my embarrassing moments...share some of yours with me :)

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At 3:09 AM, Anonymous shanna said........
I was a freshman in high school and I was just getting to my math class where i had a huge crush on a football player. i walked in and was thrilled to hear the football player say "you dropped something out of your backpack"...i'm gushing 'cause he just talked to me!! my keychain doo-dad thing had fallen off, so i squatted down (duck walk style) and lost my balance because i was wearing a heavy backpack. i fell backwards on my ass in front of the entire class and the hot football player! i just sat on the floor spread- eagle and laughed; all i could manage in my embarrassment!

At 9:36 AM, Blogger geenalyn said........
isn't that always the way....thanks for sharing!! :)

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