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Friday, April 27, 2007
So far today i've:

* mixed up three batches of cake batter from scratch
* made a batch of buttercream icing sugar, again from scratch.
* did about a million dishes
* wiped down the kitchen counter a million times
* wiped down my kitchen aid mixer a million times
* baked a 12x18 sheet cake, its now cooling on the cooling rack

What i have left to do today:

* decorate said cake for the three kiddos birthday party tomorrow -done
* make thankyou tags and attach them to the loot bags -done. I cut out little balloons from cardstock and tied them on the loot bags with balloon printed curling ribbon

The finished product!!

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Friday, April 20, 2007
My Little Bruiser:* On Tuesday morning, he was running up the sidewalk to the doors of the girls preschool when he fell and smacked his head. He got the bigger of the two bruises on his forehead then (the one right in the middle, slightly off to the right). He also cut his thumb.

* On Wednesday he fell and tripped and smacked his head on the dining room table...this just left a small line bruise on his forehead

* On Thursday while playing outside and enjoying the wonderful weather we were finally having, he went to retrieve a ball and again fell and tripped, smacking his forehead AGAIN. This time he gets the mark on his forehead off to the left hand side.

* Tonight i was talking to my neighbor about Lucas' bad week, and she said that things always happen in three's and since he'd had his three that he should be good now for awhile. That might be true for some people, but not my son. After dinner we went back outside to play. He was riding his scooter with his sisters, had his helmet on and was doing a great job. It was the first time he'd actually riden his scooter and not just walked beside it. He was coming up the sidewalk with it when he tripped and fell, hitting his eye on the handlebar!! Thus the booboo under his left eye.

i'm thinking of finding a bubble and putting my son in it...just until he is better at walking

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When i was a kid, my bestfriend and I would play school together all the time. We would argue over who would get to be the teacher, and who would have to do all the "work". I loved being the teacher. If we weren't playing school, then we were playing the board game "go to the head of the class" LOL.

I always did very well in school. I excelled in it. I never had to study for my tests, it all just came easily to me. When i was in the sixth grade i was moved up to the above average level in my courses. I was not happy with this change because all of my friends, including my best friend were in the regualar average classes. While i hated being in different classes from my friends, I loved the added challenge that these courses gave me. I continued achieving my A's and B's in all my classes. I was reading on a college level by this time as well. I loved school...i looked forward to going every day.

When i was in highschool i was in Honors classes as well as Advanced Placement where i could earn college credits for my high school course. I've never flunked a class, I've never flunked a test. I knew from about the time i was 12 or 13, that i wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to pass on this love of learning that i had to other people. I knew that i wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher. I figured if i got the kids when they first came to school, if i captured theirs minds and imginations that early in their school lives, then prehaps i would evoke a life long love of learning in them.

After graduation, i attended college so that i could acheive my dream of becoming a teacher. Life came up and i fell in love with a man that lived a country away, and i moved up here to the great white north, with about a year and a half left to obtaining my degree. I figured once i got settled up here, i'd apply my credits to a university up here and finish...which is what i did, except my credits didn't transfer over, so i had to start from scratch. Of course then we started our family and that got put on hold again.

Why am i babbling about all this?? Because my oldest daughter Daynah has a real love for school. She loves going. She loves learning new things. Her teachers love her and say she's a real pleasure to have in class. She's a little prefectionist. She's already reading on an advanced level and she's only in first grade!! And what does she love to play in her room, but school. She sets up her stuffed animals and reads stories to them, and assigns them work. Right now she says she is teaching Kindergarten.

So i may not have gotten my degree, and become an actual teacher...but it seems that i've captured the mind and imgination of my daughter and evoked a love of school and learning in her that i hope lasts a lifetime.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I was tagged for this cool letter meme. I was assigned a letter and have to list 10 things that i love and 10 things i hate that start with this letter. My letter is H. If you want to be tagged, let me know in my comments and i'll assign you a letter

10 Things I love:

1. Honesty even if it hurts i'd rather hear it
2. Hawaii, i lived there for three years as a kid and would go back in a heartbeat
3. Having sex, long and loving or fast and furious its all good
4. Hokie love songs
5. Hot Dogs...nothing better on a warm summer day then some street meat
6. Hickeys, love to give them
7. Hard boiled eggs with just a touch of salt
8. Happiness, i love being happy, sometimes it takes a concentrated effort on my part to achieve it though
9. Handwritten notes, letters and cards
10. my Husband, ya he's an ass sometimes, but i love him

10 Things I hate:

1. the words Hazy, Hot and Humid....i love summertime, but those three words can wreck an entire day...
2. Hurricanes...i've lived thru one when i was a kid in Hawaii...not fun!
3. Horticulture...gardening is not my thing
4. Headaches, especially stress induced
5. Hospital stays
6. Hiccups is anything more annoying??
7. Happy Meals, inflated price for the added benefit of getting a cheap ass toy
8. Hunting for sport....
9. Housework, its never ending
10. Heartache....mine or anyone else's. I hate seeing someone i love in pain

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Monday, April 16, 2007
I have to share these pictures of my son...isn't he a mini GQ model

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Sunday, April 15, 2007
Happy 3rd Birthday to my Little Man Lucas,

When i found out i was surprisingly pregnant with you, it was at an unbelievable time. Your twin sisters were only 4 mos old, i had just sought help for my post partum depression, and your oldest sister was only 3 yrs old. It took me quite some time to accept the gift i had been given, a naturally concieved, unplanned pregnancy. But once i did, i wanted you, and couldn't wait for you to make your entrance into my life.
My pregnancy with you was different then with the girls, I wasn't nearly as sick with you. In fact my pregnancy with you was pretty uneventful for the most part. Taking care of your sisters though and being pregnant with you was tiring on me. And towards the end i was counting the days. You were due on the the girls 1st birthday, but because i was going to have a scheduled csection, you were due to arrive on April 30th instead. You had different plans, and on April 15th when i went into labour, the doctors delievered you. You were supposed to be about 37 weeks gestation, so pretty much full term. You were born weighing 6 lbs 10 oz and you came screaming into the world. Just after you were born though, the doctors noticed you having problems breathing and you were rushed away to the NICU. You started off on being on a little supplemental hood air, then a CPAP machine, then a full blown ventilator, to almost dying. You spent the first 16 days of your life in two different hospitals NICU's. You showed me then how much of a fighter you were...and how tightly my heart was griped in your tiny hands. During your first year i watched you grow and change. Hitting all of your milestones, always behind what would be considered average. You were such a happy guy, and so incredibly easy going. You fit right into our crazy life and enjoyed watching those three crazy big sisters of yours play around you. Your first year was full of illnesses, we spent a great deal of time at your peds office. Those underdeveloped lungs of yours at birth were making you more prone to lung issues. Every cold you got went straight to your chest. We had to buy our own nebulizer!!
It was during the second year of your life that you became a total and complete mama's boy. The signs were there before, but this year sealed the deal. Only i could put you to bed at night, only i could change your diaper, get you ready for bed at night, comfort your cries in the middle of the night. You run and give me kisses and love to snuggle in my lap. With your sisters off in preschool, and Daynah in school full time, we get three mornings a week just to ourselves...and i've enjoyed that one on one time with you so very much. You are such a joy to my life. You are the most amazing person, the one thing i never knew i wanted and now i would die to protect you. So today you turn 3, and i can hardly believe it. You are turning into such a little boy, and yet you have so many babyish qualities about you still. I love you more then i can ever put into words, and i can not wait to continue to watch you grow. I love you my beautiful, wonderful, amazing, stubborn, destructo, train loving son.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Have a Happy Easter everyone!! If all things go as planned we'll be heading to Maryland in the morning, and as per usual i'm already extremely anxious about it. Ugh....

***UPDATE*** we aren't going....Peter got sick last night with a mild case of the flu. The kids are disappointed, my parents are disappointed...and so am I :(

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Monday, April 02, 2007
Update on my friend:

Thankyou everyone for keeping her and her daughter in your thoughts, and for those who gave me ideas on what i can do to help her right now.

She had her husband taken off of life support this past Thursday, when the doctors told her that there was no hope for him to survive. He passed away on Sunday, his viewing is tomorrow, while the funeral will be on Wednesday. My heart is just breaking for her and her daughter....i just can not imagine going thru this. Our group of moms are going to go to the viewing tomorrow night to show her our support.

Please continue to keep her and her daughter in your thoughts....they have an incredibly long road ahead of them as they try to deal with and cope with their losses.

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Sunday, April 01, 2007
I've taken the plunge...

It was about 10 months ago that i made a few cakes for Mamatulip's daughter Julia. After making these cakes i pondered whether I should start up my own little cake decorating business. I gave it a lot of thought, but wasn't sure how i'd get started so the idea kinda floundered.

I've made cupcakes for the kids preschool class a few times, and the moms always rave about them. We were discussing cakes and I said how i make my own cake batter, icing and i decorate cakes for my kiddos. One of the moms asked if i would be interested in making a cake for her son's birthday, and i jumped at the offer. So tonight i mixed up the cake, whipped up a batch of icing, tinted it the appropriate colors and decorated with all the proper tips. Do you think i did a good job?? Should i put myself out there and start up a business?? And what do you think cakes like this would be worth??

Here are some other cakes i've made for my own kiddos over the years....

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I've got even more pictures...but blogger is being finicky and i'm TIRED!! Let me know what you guys think!!

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