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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Burgh Baby is having an awesome contest with lots of goodies donated by lots of different bloggers. All you have to do to enter is comment on her blog post and let her know which of the goodies you would like to try to win. You can enter as many times as your fingers let you during the contest period. And if you link up to her post you can get extra entries!!

While you are over there checking out her blog (which is damn funny) please do some ad clicking. All the proceeds for this month from her ads are being donated to the 9/11 fund for the Pennsylvania memorial. So check out this post for the details, and then click on those ads!!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008
Things Lucas has said lately that made me laugh....

Yesterday at the bustop, there was a banana peel on the grass. Lucas pointed it out and I said how someone was bad and had left it there instead of putting it in the trash. Lucas got very serious looking and began to think, then he looked up at me and said "maybe a monkey"

A few nights ago, Peter was reading one of his books after dinner. Lucas came into the room and picked up the book off the couch and announced he wanted to read it. He started flipping through the pages. When he had flipped through the majority of the book, he tossed it down on the couch and proclaimed it a "tupid book". I asked him why it was a stupid book, told him Daddy really liked it. Lucas again proclaimed it a "tupid book, it has no pictures".

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I've been tagged!!

The "rules" of the game are as follows:
1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post
4. If you're tagged, DO IT and pass on the tag

Okay - six random things about myself...

1) When I was a child and growing up, there was only one job in life I KNEW that i wanted to do. When I enrolled in college there was no second guessing my major. I wanted to be a teacher and nothing else. I was a year and a half away from finishing my degree when I moved here to Canada and found out I had to start from scratch again. Now I don't know what I want to be when i grow up.

2) Hubby got me a nintendo DS for christmas, at the time I had never heard of it, nor had any desire to have one once I did receive it. Now I love the thing....

3) I want curls....but don't want to curl my hair everyday (besides i'm not gifted enough to do it myself lol), that leaves me with getting a perm. But perms are so 80's lol.....and yet I still want one

4) I just got my kids addicted to the soundtrack to the Phantom of the Opera. Last friday for movie night we watched the movie, the kids loved it, which thrilled me to no end. I'm a huge musical theatre (and theatre in general) fan.

5) I'm going to see Carrie Underwood in concert in just over 2 weeks. This will be the second time I've seen her in concert in less then 6 mos

6) I love searching facebook for old friends, I've found a ton from highschool that i've reconnected with and even girls that i use to babysit that are now in college (which makes me feel so damn old)

I'm tagging...

  1. Burgh Baby
  2. Yankee Drawl
  3. Gumby World
  4. and anyone else that wants to :)

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Thursday, September 04, 2008
Well we are back to the grind...kids started school this week. Lucas is off to Kindergarten with his sisters this year. I can't believe my baby is now in real school. I did really well though...i didn't cry when i put him on the bus yesterday. I think it was because he was so excited i just was excited for him too. So far they all seem to be enjoying it. Lucas is in the same class with Juleigha and Melyssa which is great because they all have each other. Melyssa came home from school today and started to cry because she didn't get a chance to play with Juleigha at school. Of course they have all afternoon to play with each other at home, but Melyssa really wanted to play with her at school today it seems lol. With all the kids in school now, i have about 2.5 hrs or so all to myself in the mornings. Its so weird to be all alone, and i'm trying to find things to do with my time. Today i switched over the girls fall closet so that its ready for them, and tomorrow I'll bring out Lucas fall stuff. I've got to get Daynah to start trying on her clothes so i know what fits and what doesn't. I plan on working out at least three mornings a week....i'm going to start that next week though. I'm also going to volunteer at the school at least once a week. I've wanted to be able to do that since Daynah started but couldnt' because of the younger kiddos, now i can and i can't wait!!

Daynah started 3rd grade this year and she's in a 3/4 split. She has a male teacher this year, her very first, and he seems quite nice. He's in his 10th year of teaching and seems to really enjoy what he does. He already has their first fieldtrip scheduled. Daynah gets a locker this year, so she feels like she's all grown up lol. Of course while she has a locker she keeps forgetting to leave her indoor shoes and extra clothes in it....i reminded her a million times this morning so hopefully she'll remember today.

Daynah turns 8 on Monday, so we are heading to Great Wolf Lodge on Sunday to celebrate. I don't feel like throwing a bday party this year...with her bday so early in September its hard to get one planned with school having just started. So Peter and I decided this year we'd surprise her with a trip to the Lodge. We'll head there Sunday afternoon and stay the night and skip school monday to play at the water park before heading home. Hoping to keep it a surprise until we drive up in front of it :)

Now here's a few pictures of the kids on their first day of school

Daynah on her first day of third grade

climbing on the bus...i love her smile here

Juleigha on her first day of Senior Kindergarten, this is her newest pose

Lucas on his first day of Junior Kindergarten

Melyssa on her first day of Senior Kindergarten

My Three Kindergarteners!!

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