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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Anniversary tattoos!!

We got a babysitter for a few hours so we could go out and get our new tattos. The tattoo we got is called an eternal love knot and we got it to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Mine is on the inside of my left wrist, while Peter's is on the inside of his right.

I have NEVER had a tattoo hurt when i got it, but this one had me making some faces, especially when he'd tattoo right near the middle top of my wrist.

Peter getting inked, he didn't take any of me cause he was too busy snapping pictures of the faces i made LMAO

Peter's turn to make faces, now he knew how I had felt!!

Peter's tattoo immediately after being done....

Mine just over 24 hrs after

could we be any cuter??!!

So my parents are up visiting for the next few days, and of course the kids tell grandma and grandpa all about mommy's new tattoo cause well they think its cool. Now my dad has one tattoo and my mother after i got my first tattoo finally went out and got a tattoo that she had been telling people she had had for over 20 yrs. I don't think my dad cares too much about my tattoos, i have 8 now. My mother on the other hand, she hates them and rolls her eyes and calls me names and after finding out about my new one told me i could go join the circus now LMAO.

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At 3:33 PM, Blogger LittleTechGirl said........
Hey Geena!! Very cute indeed. :) It's been WAY too long since I checked in with you. Looks like things are going well. I am trying to get back on posting, I have been way too lazy!!

My girls start Kindergarten on the 25th. How about yours? :)

At 7:25 AM, Blogger The Broken Man said........
It does *look* painful....

The Broken man


At 10:02 AM, Blogger motherbumper said........
Geenalyn! You are a woman after my own heart, those tats are marvellous. So if it didn't hurt, was it just plain tickle torture? I had mine done on a my back and it was like having a needle scraped on the skin (uh duh, b/c it was) but I wouldn't call it pain, instead more like annoying. So is a spot like the wrist any more "annoying"? Inquiring minds NEED to know ;) BTW, those tattoos rock.

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