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Thursday, December 06, 2007
So we are back from our vacation...we all managed to survive. I've got a ton of stories to tell, but not today. Today i just want to whine. This week has been the worst week. The kids missed 6 days of school (should have been 8, but one day was a snow day and another was a day off anyhow). So the kids were to go to school on Monday, but instead we got a snow/ice storm so school was cancelled. Then Tuesday they all went back to school and angels sang and I danced around in pure joy. Wednesday i get a call from the school 10 mins before the end of morning kindergarten. Melyssa isn't feeling well and therefore they don't want to put them on the bus home. Head to the school to pick them up and when i get there i see Daynah in the hall getting herself ready to go as well. Evidently her throat hurt and she felt the need to go home *sigh*. Get home and while Melyssa has just the slighest touch of a fever she seems fine (well all the kids have colds but fine otherwise). No fever at bedtime, no fever this morning...daynah wasn't complining of a sore throat so all kids went off to school again. I went out christmas shopping and at 10:30 my cellphone rang and it was school..Daynah is throwing up. Tonight is the girls christmas concert at school...now one of us will have to miss it...

I'm posting these pictures because they always make me smile...this was the girls first xmas...they were about 7 mos old.

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