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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
The kids had their soccer pictures tonight as well as a game. Daynah had her practice at the same time as the little ones game and pictures, so i had the three of them on my own again. After being ungodly hot all last week, today the weather dropped down to 9C, on a night my kids need to be out in shorts and shortsleeved soccer jersey's. I put white long sleeve shirts under their jersey's for warmth, but it wasn't cutting it. Their hands were cold, their little noses were red...they were miserable. Their picture time was first so we went there and did individual pictures, which while they weren't smiling will hopefully turn out halfway decently. After that we trudged down the field for the group photo. By this point all the kids are miserable, mine included. Only half of the team has shown up....oh ya, and neither the coach or the assistant coach are present either. We are getting our team picture down, minus half the kids and with no freakin' coach!! Having coached last year, this pissed me off to no end. Lucas doesn't want to sit on the bench with everyone else...he keeps getting up and trying to come to me. I'm sorta standing off to the side and the photographer won't let me. I finally get Lucas to sit between his sisters and he is bawling his eyes out the entire time, and Melyssa is crying a bit too. As soon as the pictures were taken we headed back up the field to where we had left our stuff and packed up and headed home. Without a coach there is no game. Even if there had been a coach though i would have taken my kids home....i put their coats on that i brought with me after their group picture but it was still too cold and windy to be out there. As we were packing up myself and another mom were discussing the fact that the coach wasn't there, when behind us his wife speaks up saying that no one can fault him for not being there because he had day surgery today, and that he didn't want to coach he was called and asked and he did it anyway. Now i get he had day surgery fine, but he could have told us last week that he wouldn't be here tonight for pictures, and he certaintly could have made sure that his assistant coach showed up. Secondly my husband and I were asked to coach as well, and we said we couldn't. If this guy didn't want to coach, he could have easily have said no as well, the soccer association can't make anyone coach, its a volunteer position!!
Daynah's out at the soccer field now waiting to get her pictures done, hopefully she has a better experience.

**here's Daynah's soccer pic, well the one we took at the same time the photographer was snapping his

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