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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Yesterday my girlies graduated from Preschool!! When we arrived for drop-off yesterday morning instead of the kids going into the room, the parents did while the teachers husteled the kiddos down the hall to get ready for their graduation ceremony. About 15 mins or so later, Ms. Trish came in and cued the music and the graduation march began. I about cried right then and there lol. Then in strolled the kids, in pairs, wearing a graduation sash and a graduation cap, eaching sporting a pair of sunglasses lol. Melyssa and Juleigha were walking in together and they looked so very happy. Once the kids were in and seated, they sang us a song, We are here to graduate, graduate graduate. We are here to graduate on this special day!! Then Ms. Trish called each child up one at a time, where she said a little about each child and handed them their diploma. Melyssa got called up and we were told that her favorite place to play was the workshop and who her favorite friends to play with were. When asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, she said a baker of pizzas' lol, and she doesn't even like pizza very much. Her teachers think she'll be a nurse though, because she is very gentle and soft spoken. I had to laugh, because Melyssa is anything but soft spoken and if there is a tiff between the kids she's usually the one that has hit or biten.
Once the first row of kids got their diplomas they sang their ABC's and then the second row of children got called up one at a time. When Juleigha was called up we were told that her favorite place to play was the workshop (who would have guessed lol) and that she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up, which i can totally see. Her teachers said that whenever there is music on she just starts dancing away, which is totally true she will dance with or without music whenever the mood strikes her. Her teachers on the other hand fully believe she will be an computer animator because she loves to do crafts and draw and she'll sit and do the craft as long as it takes and she has infinite patience.
After that it was time to say good-bye and collect the various graduation crafts on display around the room.

Then we went home and changed into play clothes and got ready to meet up at the big park in our city where we spent the afternoon with the rest of the kids from preschool. We had a potluck picnic lunch (that i made 96 cupcakes for). Afterwards we broke into three groups and in turn everyone got do to a wagon ride, feed the goats and play putt-putt. Let me tell you there is nothing funnier then watching a bunch of 3-4 yr olds play mini-golf. Lucas was hitting the ball like it was pool, and Juleigha was just trying to sweep her's into the hole. After all the activities were done with we all met up together again for one last farewell. The teachers gave each of the kiddos a book and also gave the parents an ABC book that the kids had been working on all year.

By the end of the afternoon everyone was HOT and tired. Home we went, where the kids cooled off with some ice-cream and then playing inside the air conditoned house. After i a bit i took a few more pictures of the girlies, including this re-enactmen of their favorite part of the graduation ceremony..

And just on a side-note, the girls also had a soccer game last night (well Lucas too but he chose not to go). Melyssa was goalie the first half of the game and did a really good job. Juleigha played the whole first half of the game and she was really running after the ball. She had control of the ball the most, was taking it away from the other team, got knocked down a few times but got right back up and took off again. But best of all she scored a GOAL!! I was sooo impressed with her, even the other parents were saying she was great last night...does a momma good i tell ya. The second half of the game, Juleigha played goalie and made a lot of great saves and Melyssa played on the field. She wasn't able to get the ball quite as well as Juleigha but she did a great job as well, taking the ball up the field when she had it, trying to score and running (this is big for Melyssa in and of itself..she kinda jogs or even just walks lol). I really wished i'd had my camera last night, going to have to defintely take it with me next week. Oh and before i forget, the coach was actually there and after the first half of the game, he came up to Juleigha and I and said to her "great job Juleigha, what did you do take lessons between saturday and now" lol.

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At 9:33 AM, Blogger Tink said........
96 cupcakes?! Wow. Bet you don't want to see another one of those for awhile.

I love the pictures of the girls tossing their caps. SO friggin cute.

At 9:49 AM, Blogger geenalyn said........
Yeah, by the end of Monday night i was totally sick of cupcakes and frosting. I made 48 mini cupcakes for the kids and 48 large cupcakes for the adults. Then i tinted the icing in several different colors (red, blue, yellow and green).

At 5:33 PM, Blogger Dana said........
My son got the future journalist award because of all the questions he asked! Very cute pictures.

At 7:13 PM, Blogger Agent M said........
Cute, cute, cute!

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