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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Here i was blogging everyday, and then life got in the way. Between snow days, me coming down with the flu and then the kids each having their go with the flu things have been busy around here. Also any free time i've had i've been spending upstairs in my room scrapbooking. I'm so far behind in all of my albums, but i've been able to get about 3 double page layouts down a day the past week which has made me only about a year behind instead of close to 2 yrs lol.

Let's see what else has been going on? Hubby and I had a date night for the first time in ages this past monday. I got all dolled up, did my hair and makeup, two things i pretty much NEVER do lol and we went out for a nice dinner. Everything was going great till we were headed home and hubby decided to give me a scare. It had been snowing so the parking lot had a covering of snow on it, as we were leaving, peter decided to throw the parking break on and have us start to skid in the snow. Let me just say, driving in the snow freaks me out as it is, but him pulling crap like that, let's just say he was getting daggers stared at him for quite some time. When we got home we played cards with my inlaws, honestly i have the most enjoyable time with them when we are playing cards...its like they are almost human lol.

Sold Daynah's handheld vsmile learning system and am looking for a buyer for her leapster handheld system. We've been having issues with her lately with her acting her age and not regressing back to a toddler *eye roll* so after much discusion we have decided to get her an Nintendo DS because she is growing up and we are hoping that by getting her something like this, it will show her just how grown up we think she is, thus resulting in her acting her age. One can hope anyway right??

I'm itching to get another tattoo like today lol. I have two in mind that i want to get, one on my lower back...the other would take up my whole upper left arm. I want to get a pinup of a navy sailor, i know my inlaws will flip, and let's not even mention my mom lol...she was less then amused with the flower on the back of my neck. She gives me a hard time for having as many tattoos as i have, getting a pinup on my arm might send her over the edge.

The twins' dance recital is just 2.5 weeks away. We should be getting their costumes this weekend. I can not wait to see what they are wearing. They are dancing to the song Cabin Fever from the Muppet's Treasure Island. They are going to be so freakin' adorable...i can not even wait!!

I think thats about it....we are still surrounded by snow which is now encased in ice lol...i can not wait for spring to get here, i am totally over winter.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008
I would love to blog, but all my brain cells are dead. The kids had a snow day last wednesday, were sick on thursday, and had yet another snow day on friday. This brings us to this week where they had a snow day yesterday and again today. Seriously the amount of snow we have is just insane, and i hate winter. Peter had to push two cars up our street today in order for them to get out because they couldn't make it thru the snow. MIL has offered to come by and take daynah for the day, but she can't come for her until the snow plows come thru or she'll she get stuck.

I would like to recomend that everyone read the book The Time Traveler's Wife. It was such an amazing book. I started reqading it Sunday and had it finished on Tuesday morning. It was such a moving story, best i've read in a very long time.

For anyone out there longing for some snow, here's a few pictures of the white stuff we are buried under.

those bumps back there, those are the kids sandboxes

the snow banks are taller then Juleigha

another shot of the lovely white stuff

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