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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm a Top Mommma!I'm still a Top Momma!! I'm going on day 7 now. Don't forget to keep clicking to keep me on the front page!!


In other news....today is the last day of school for Daynah. Starting tomorrow i'll have all four kids home with me ALL. DAY. LONG. The upside to this summer, compared to last year is that I have a car, so I have the possibility of leaving the house. Of course then comes the ideas of where one person can take all four kids by herself. I'd love to be able to go to a local pool a day or two a week, but until i grow another 2 sets of arms thats out of the question, as only Daynah can swim. I had planned to put all the kids in a dance class this summer, the three little ones in one class and Daynah in another at the same time. Of course i waited too long, and by the time i got around to doing it, the kiddos class was full. It was only 45 mins, one day a week...but it would have been so nice to have at least one scheduled activity to look forward to each week. I'm thinking in a few weeks (days lol), i'll start sporting bald patches from where i've pulled the hair right out of my head. If i'm lucky by the end of the summer I'll be the one sitting in the corner rocking back and forth and holding myself...i'm thinking this will happen more mid-summer though.

This weekend is Canada Day, my favorite holdiay all year long (well its tied with the fourth of July, but i never get to celebrate that anymore). I can not wait to see the fireworks....i look forward to them every year. I swear i'm like a little kid with how giddy i get over them. I remember when i was a kid, i used to pretend that the fireworks on July 4th were an early birthday present to me since i was born on the 7th.

Speaking of my birthday....it's getting close now. A week from today my oldest and bestest friend Jen flies up to visit me and celebrate my 30th birthday. I'm dreading turning 30, and she loves that i turn 30 before her. We are going to do all sorts of touristy stuff when she's up. We'll take her to the zoo, hit Niagara Falls (seriously the canadian side is sooo much better then the american), hang out at the local beach if its warm enough, maybe walk along the lakeshore in Toronto and see the CN tower. I absolutey can not wait to see her. This will only be the second time she's come up to canada, the last time was almost 9 yrs ago for my wedding.

Let's see what else can i tell you guys. On Monday night i went to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill when they played the Air Canada Centre in Toronto for their Soul to Soul II tour. I was soooo excited to go. You see back when they first toured together, in 2000, i had tickets to see them when they first came to Toronto. Daynah was just a baby, and this was going to be our first big night out without her. Unfortunately betweening buying the tickets and the show, Peter lost his job and we were barely scrapping by. I had already taken all my jewelry (minus 2 pairs of simple gold earrings, my promise ring and my engagement ring/wedding band) to a place that will buy used jewelry for cash to help us with the costs of formula/diapers and every day needs. It was then that i decided aftering seeing and hearing how popular this concert was, to sell my tickets. So when i saw they were coming back to TO i was stoked. We went to the concert on Monday night and it was absolutely amazing!! Faith has such a powerful voice, and Tim is an awesome entertainer. Between the two of them, they were on stage for 3 hrs. Each did their own hour or so long set, and also did a bunch of duets together. When they sang their duets, the chemistry between the two of them was so intense you could just feel it. I honestly felt like i was intruding on an intimate moment. Truly an amazing concert!

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