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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We went to the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory after seeing the falls on Saturday. It was amazing to see so many butterflies in one spot. Lucas was ECSTATIC when one finally landed on his hat. I had one land on my head, while Peter had a huge one land on his shirt sand stay there for like 10 minutes. Melyssa was miserable when we left because none of the butterflies landed on her, which of course meant that they didn't like her.

Jen had never seen the falls so while she was up we figured she'd better see the more spectacular side of the falls. On the US side you just basically see the drop down, but on the Canadian side we have the drop as well as the huge horseshoe...its just truly beautiful to see. I hadn't even been back to see the falls since i was pregnant with Daynah, so it was nice to see again and to share their beauty with the kiddos.

While looking at the falls, i noticed a rainbow in the water due to the sun reflecting off the mist of the falls. I'm soooo glad this picture turned out well.

And finally because Candace asked...here is a picture taken of me in the front yard on my birthday with my 30 flamingos. They were supposed to be picked up yesterday, but they are still currently residing on my front lawn. When i first saw them on my lawn i jokingly said to my friend Jen, that my lawn looked like a retiree's home in Florida lol.

This was the best birthday i have had in a very long time. It was so great to have my friend up, we've been friends for 20 yrs now. We got to do a ton of fun things and just hang out at home and talk once all the kids were in bed for the night. While I wouldn't say i love my flamingos...i will never ever forget them, Peter also gave me a 30 GB ipod (30 GB for 30 yrs he said). I'm hoping that this weekend i'll be able to get some new ink with the money i was gifted from my inlaws...i've been wanting a new tattoo for over 2 yrs now, but always spend my money on the kids....this year i'm going to do something for myself though.

Off to take care of my baby boy. He's feeling pretty crummy. He's got a mystery fever and is just not a happy camper. Doesn't help that its hotter then Hades out.

And i'm still a TOP MOMMA, almost three weeks now. So keep clicking on me (or the badge below) to keep me on the front page!!

I'm a Top Mommma!

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At 1:17 PM, Anonymous Candace said........
I'm loving the flamingos-that is hysterical! And I'm glad to see that you got some balloons ;)

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