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Monday, July 30, 2007
Awwww new ink, makes me so very happy. Friday I had my appointment to get my tattoo done. I was sooo incredibly nervous while i was waiting for my artist to set everything up. This was going to be my 7th tattoo, but it had been 3 yrs since my last one, and this was going to be on the back of my neck. Sitting in the chair waiting to hear the familiar buzzing of the needle start and the first movements on my skin, i felt my stomach lurch...would this be my first tattoo to actually hurt? As the tattoo started my nervousness left and i was left just feeling happy. It didn't hurt not in the least, and i was thrilled to finally be getting a new tattoo. 45 mins later when he was all done, he let me know that i sit like a pro, but i bleed like a sieve lol. I love my new tat, my kids love my new tat (they keep telling me where they want to get their own tattoos). My mother is going to kill me when she sees it when they come up in September. She already refers to me as a biker momma and doesn't approve of the other 6 i have (she's was okay up until i got my third lol). The only downside to having the tattoo on the back of my neck right now is that i have to wear my hair up in a ponytail all. the. freakin'. time, which means fresh out of a shower the hair goes up. I currently have 9 bobbies pins, 2 barrettes and one elastic band holding my hair up, and i still have little hairs falling out the bottom of my ponytail!! I'm seriously tempted to go out tonight and hack off all my hair, but then i wouldn't be able to use it to help hide the tattoo when my mom is up!!

And yes, i already have plans for at least my next two tattoos. Ya i'm a bit addicted :)

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At 3:58 PM, Blogger Tink said........
I want to see pictures of the other eight!!

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