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Friday, April 20, 2007
When i was a kid, my bestfriend and I would play school together all the time. We would argue over who would get to be the teacher, and who would have to do all the "work". I loved being the teacher. If we weren't playing school, then we were playing the board game "go to the head of the class" LOL.

I always did very well in school. I excelled in it. I never had to study for my tests, it all just came easily to me. When i was in the sixth grade i was moved up to the above average level in my courses. I was not happy with this change because all of my friends, including my best friend were in the regualar average classes. While i hated being in different classes from my friends, I loved the added challenge that these courses gave me. I continued achieving my A's and B's in all my classes. I was reading on a college level by this time as well. I loved school...i looked forward to going every day.

When i was in highschool i was in Honors classes as well as Advanced Placement where i could earn college credits for my high school course. I've never flunked a class, I've never flunked a test. I knew from about the time i was 12 or 13, that i wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to pass on this love of learning that i had to other people. I knew that i wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher. I figured if i got the kids when they first came to school, if i captured theirs minds and imginations that early in their school lives, then prehaps i would evoke a life long love of learning in them.

After graduation, i attended college so that i could acheive my dream of becoming a teacher. Life came up and i fell in love with a man that lived a country away, and i moved up here to the great white north, with about a year and a half left to obtaining my degree. I figured once i got settled up here, i'd apply my credits to a university up here and finish...which is what i did, except my credits didn't transfer over, so i had to start from scratch. Of course then we started our family and that got put on hold again.

Why am i babbling about all this?? Because my oldest daughter Daynah has a real love for school. She loves going. She loves learning new things. Her teachers love her and say she's a real pleasure to have in class. She's a little prefectionist. She's already reading on an advanced level and she's only in first grade!! And what does she love to play in her room, but school. She sets up her stuffed animals and reads stories to them, and assigns them work. Right now she says she is teaching Kindergarten.

So i may not have gotten my degree, and become an actual teacher...but it seems that i've captured the mind and imgination of my daughter and evoked a love of school and learning in her that i hope lasts a lifetime.

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At 9:15 PM, Blogger Dana said........
It is so nice having a child that loves to learn. I was never a good student, but my girls are great students and have that thirst. Congratulations on having a child that love to learn. It is an amazing thing. (Sadly, I could never home school my oldest because at 12, she is smarter than I am!)

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