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Monday, October 22, 2007
Thanks for all of your comments on my last post regarding Juleigha's speech. After posting and giving it a lot of thought, we are switching Juleigha back to her previous speech therapist. Right now she is finishing up her therapy at the other place, she has four sessions left and is missing one of those due to a fieldtrip at school. Her last therapy session is November 1st, and then she starts back up with her one on one therapy here on November 12th. I still haven't told the other place that she won't be coming back, but I'll deal with that if/when she is offered another block of therapy with them.

Four weeks on Wednesday we start our trip down south. First we head to my parents house for Thanksgiving. Then after spending 2 days there we drive to Florida where we'll hang out with Mickey Mouse and the Princesses for at least 3 days. Then is another drive up to Maryland for a day or two with my folks before finishing the drive back home. In case this trip doesn't sound too bad to you, let's say its a 12hr drive to Maryland and i think about a 16 hr drive to Florida...with four young kids. I think once we get to the land of mouse ears I'll get excited, but until then, i'm just dreading it. Any good ideas for keeping the kids happy in the car would be appreciated (we've got movies covered and coloring books too). Also anyone ever been to disney with kids ages 3, 4, and 7? Would you suggest i get a stroller or a wagon(do they do rentals there?) or would the kids be okay walking? Seriously if you KNOW me, you'll know how much stress I'm causing myself trying to plan for everything.

I'm going the girls' first fieldtrip tomorrow!! They are going to a local farm to visit the pumpkin patch. I can not wait!! Hopefully i'll be back tomorrow with lots of awesome pics. Cross your fingers that it doesn't rain tomorrow.

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