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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
So I've seen this floating around the blogosphere a lot lately. The first place i saw it was over at Her Bad Mother's and just today at mothergoosemouse. So I thought I'd dump out the contents of my purse and see what i had lurking at the bottom.

I like purses, but I'm the type of person that finds a purse and then uses that purse until it literally falls apart or all the crap i want to store in it no longer fits. I currently have three purses that i rotate between, two of which were made for me by the super talented Pink Trees. The one i use currently I'm madly in love with. I love the colors, i love the fact that i can put pictures right in the front, i love how it hangs on my arm, i love all the storage inside. I want to make sweet love to this bag and have little bag babies with it...seriously this is a super sweet bag LOL.

So here's what's in my purse from the left going clockwise (mostly anyhow).

1. A note from the hubby that says "My sweetest hunny bunches, love always Peter xoxoxoxoxo" He hid it in my purse one day and its stayed there every since. Its been in my purse so long its actually in two pieces now.

2. a ream of Imodium, cause you never know when you'll need to bind yourself up. We once had to hit every exit on the NY turnpike, i never leave home without it anymore

3. container of Tylenol, comes in handy for headaches when I'm out, or if I'm too lazy during the day to go upstairs and get Tylenol

4. zippered pouch with tampons for when aunt blood makes an unannounced visit

5. my wallet. The thing is a brick and I've had it for YEARS. It hold everything and i adore it. I pray that it never dies because I've never been able to find another one like it.

6. ear buds for use when I'm at soccer practice

7. a postcard i got in the mail back in APRIL, from a scrap booking store i used to frequent asking me "where in the world have i been" inviting me back in to use the card for a discount on my next purchase.

8. Ice Breakers Sours when you need a fresh mouth

9. Three Smackers Ice Creamies lip glossies: Cookie dough, Strawberry scoop and Vanilla dream

10. Keys to the minivan with my weight watchers key chains on it

11. Keys to the little car, Peter's commuter car and the car we use when we go out sans kids or with just one or two kids

12. My 30 GB Ipod that i got for my 30Th bday in July. I plug it in as soon as i get in the car and i rock out. Put the ear buds in it during soccer practice to pass the time

13. My killer Winnie the pooh key chain with my savings club card tags and house/mail/parent's house keys on it. I used to hold this key chain when i walked at night to wield as a weapon if someone tried to attack me. The thing is super heavy.

14. My stash of butterscotch candies and Kelsey's mints. These reside in that zippered pouch with the tampons (to keep the fresh lol)

15. Finally my phone, never leave home without it and its always in my purse (unless i forget it on the seat on the car which i do often).

So there you have it. Nothing really bizarre in there, especially considering I'm a mom to four kiddos. Now its your turn, what's in your bag?

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At 12:06 PM, Blogger Agent M said........
Ooooh, I'll play! I post a pic in the next few days.

At 2:14 PM, Blogger Dana said........
I did this a month or so ago and it came at the perfect time cause I really needed to clean my purse out!

I went shopping this past weekend and I couldn't stay away from the purses. Hey, they were on sale. I kept getting drawn to red ones but I refrained from buying any since I already have two red purses.

At 4:47 PM, Blogger Sleepynita said........
Cute bag! I think I am going to do this for tomorrows blog post, since I already did todays!

At 10:12 AM, Blogger Her Bad Mother said........
Lipsmackers does ice cream flavours? In COOKIE DOUGH???


At 10:37 AM, Blogger geenalyn said........
HBM: Yep they do!! And its my favorite!! I get them at Shopper's

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