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Monday, August 13, 2007
So i told you how Daynah's scooter got stolen. But I left a bit of the after story out.

What i left out is that when i picked her up we drove around the neighborhood to see if we could find it, either left on the side of the road or someone riding it. Well i turn down this one street and the first thing i see is a kid, probably no more then 5 yrs old on a scooter. I stopped the car and rolled down the window shouting "HEY STOP". I throw the car in stop, get out and tell the kid to stop where he is. The kid seeing this crazy looking loud woman coming at him continues on his merry way. I yell again at him to "STOP right there" and he does. I asked him if it was his scooter and with a guilty face he said "no". I asked him if he had found the scooter in a yard and taken it and he said "yes". I told him that it was my daughter's scooter and that he has her in tears for taking something that was not his. I told him to get off it and called him a horrible child for stealing from another kid and that he should go home and tell his mom what he did. I picked up the scooter and brought it over to the van, at which point Daynah informs me its NOT hers. OMG!! Her's has a red fish sticker on it, and well this one obviously did not. By this point the poor boy has run across the street to his house to tell on the crazy white lady that had not only royally chewed him out but stolen his scooter. So i dropped the scooter back on the sidewalk from where i took it from him and hopped back in the car and drove off.

Yes thats right i tried to steal a scooter from an innocent child...not one of my more stellar moments.

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At 4:58 PM, Blogger Tink said........
LMAO!! Omg, that is so funny! In a not funny way of course. ;)

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