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Monday, September 10, 2007
Okay so i need some advice.

This fall Juleigha finally came up on the waiting list for what was described to me as THE place to be for the type of speech delay she suffers from. We went in for her assessment to make sure she met their criteria, and at the end of the assessment were told that the SLP didn't need to score the assessment at all, Juleigha did that badly. She would be going there for therapy two days a week, for one and a half hours at a time. The sessions would be with two other children, at the same speech level as Juleigha. I was stoked and could not wait for her to start. This place is quite the drive from our house, it takes me at least 45 mins to get there, and requires us to hurry home after school to eat lunch...but again in my mind from everything i've heard totally worth it. Now that Juleigha has actually started her sessions, I'm not feeling the love. First the SLP doesn't seem to listen to Juleigha, and worse when she hasn't understood what she has said, she's pretended to!! That literally makes my blood boil. The other two kids in the session with her, both are older and their speech difficulty seems mainly in the confusing of some sounds whereas Juleigha because of her oral-motor problem can not make the sounds at all. It drives me crazy to listen to the SLP tell Juleigha to make a snake sound or a tapping T sound and well Juleigha doesn't KNOW how...she needs to be shown. Each kid gets the first 20 min of the session to themselves, every third session. Juleigha has her first time to herself this tuesday and i really hope i see something that actually pretains to her troubles. The rest of the session is run like a preschool class. They have a story, do a craft realated to the story and then play a game relating to the story and have snack, all the while working on various sounds. I've told myself that unless i see major progress in Juleigha by the end of the 10 weeks, I will not accept another block of therapy from them, instead going back to our local therapist where J gets an hour of one on one therapy, once a week and its only a 5 minute drive.

Which brings me to the advice that i need. Before Juleigha started here Lucas was also put on the wait list. The wait list is anywhere from 18mos (what J waited) to 2 years. Today i got a phone call from them saying they've started a new program for children aged 3-3.5 yrs. and Lucas name has come up. They want to book him for an assessment and if he meets their criteria, he would start therapy with them come November (j's block of therapy ends the end of November). Lucas therapy would be individual and would be twice a week for only 30 mins. I was told they even have a T/Th session at 1pm, which is also when Juleigha attends. Had i gotten this phone call before Juleigah started, i would have jumped at the chance. Now though, i have doubts. Right now Lucas gets one on one therapy for an hour one day a week at the place that is only a 5 min drive away. I'm not sure that it would be really worth it to change that, especially with the way i am currently feeling about the place.

Hubby thinks i should at least go to the assessment and see what happens from there, i don't know though. Am i letting my feelings over J's therapy cloud my decision too much? I need fresh eyes on the situaution...what would you do?

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At 4:21 PM, Blogger Dana said........
That is a tough one. Every child is different so even though it doesn't seem to be working for Juleigha it could for Lucas. I personally, would give it a little more time and see if you ever start to feel the love for this place.

At 4:55 PM, Blogger Kimmykay said........
I agree with Dana (now that I've read it all). It sounds like Juleigha isn't getting what she needs there. I would watch. Talk to the head of the program (AND the therapist) about your concerns. There is nothing wrong with being pro-active in your childs education. Ask for clarification about why the Therapist is doing what she does. I make sure I'm understanding the "whys" of Georgia's work with speech. It could be that it is a perfect place for Lucas. How did Tuesday go?

At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Junelle said........
wow ... its nice that you dropped by my blog ... my childs psychologist refer us to a speech therapist because my daughter is having a hard time with her speech ... with you saying the therapist not listening to your Juleigha ... I think we would just work on my daughters speech .. we family ...

At 9:17 PM, Anonymous BBM said........
It pains me to type these words, but your husband may be right (there's a first for everything, right?). It's probably worth the assessment given that you have a little time to see how things progress. You can always change your mind later.

*Resumes lurking*

At 1:46 PM, Blogger Stacy said........
Mmmm...tough one. Tanner was offered a speech "class". From what we saw, it would not have been nearly productive as one-on-one therapy (this is all through the school district). We fought pretty hard, and finally got a 1x/week therapy class for 30 minutes vs. the 2 days of 4 hours in a class of 10 (3 teachers, though). The one-on-one works for him - they send "homework" - and we work with him. He is making excellent strides.

We also considered putting the other kid in as a "peer model". But, didn't have to go that route after Tanner got the one-on-one.

Good luck - the speech thing is hard. I know it's important - but I still think all kids develop at their own rate.

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