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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
My girlies started Kindergarten today. They were so excited. Once they had breakfast and were dressed, they were raring to head out to the bustop. I on the other hand was wishing time to slow down or even better rewind. I took a ton of pictures of the girls before we headed out, they were all full of smiles. We walked to the bustop and they were eager for the bus to arrive. When it did, i had them board last so that they wouldn't get trampled on by the older kids (and so mommy could get a good picture of them boarding the bus). I smiled and waved and wished them well and once the bus pulled away, the tears started to fall. Putting them on that bus was one of the hardest things i've done. I walked home and loaded Lucas up in the car and drove out to the school to make sure the girls got there okay. They were happy and thrilled with having riden the bus. I took a few more pictures of the girls at school and then kissed them one more time before i headed home, where i spent the next two hours worrying about how they were doing. My main worry of course was Juleigha and how she would do. She is so shy, and then add in her speech problem and i worry. I worry a lot. As i was getting Lucas ready to head out to get the girls from the bustop, the phone rang and it was the school. The girls teacher called to let me know the girls had a great day. Juleigha even raised her hand and participated in circle time. This is HUGE, seriously monumental for her. I was so excited to hear this news i didn't even ask if she was able to understand what she said. I was told that the only bad moment to the morning came after she had read a book about coming to Kindergarten to the class, and afterward asked if anyone had made any new friends today. A little girl raised her hand and said she had made a new friend, Melyssa was her friend. This didn't sit well with Juleigha as Melyssa is HER bestfriend, and thus broke out crying. She was okay after a few minutes, but later when i talked to her about it she insists that Melyssa is HER friend and hers only. When i got the girls at the bustop they were grinning ear to ear, i'm so pleased they are so happy with school and hope that they have that joy everyday. For my facebook friends i've put pictures up on my profile. If you aren't on facebook, you should be!! So sign up and add me to your friends.

Next week will be really hard on me. Lucas goes off to preschool three mornings a week. I can not believe i am going to be childfree three mornings a week. When did my babies grow up??!!

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