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Friday, September 28, 2007
Okay for those that don't like posts that bounce back and forth between topics then this post isn't for you.

First thankyou all for the advice on what to do in regards to speech for Lucas. Initally we were going to go ahead and have the assessment and then take it from there, but i couldn't arrange a time that worked out for it, so we ended up defering him for now. His name stays on the wait list and won't probably come up again until he is 4, but i'm totally okay with that. I love his current speech therapist and he gets a one hour session once a week with her, so we are good.

Next, this incarnation of my blog has celebrated its 1st birthday, which really means i've been blogging for 2 years now. When i think back to what happened a year ago, that led to me deleting my first blog, i still have lingering issues and feelings, which totally sucks. For the most part i've put that chapter of my life behind me, and if nothing else i'm a stronger individual because of it.

Continuing on....i need advice again lol. So i wrote in Lucas' speech advice post how I'm really hating the place that Juleigha goes for speech. It makes for a very hectic day, Juleigha has to rush to eat lunch before we go, i hardly see Melyssa & Lucas those days. It takes us 45 min to drive out there and it costs 24.50 a week to drive the highway there and back, as well as 7.00 a week for parking and of course there is the gas too. Honestly though, the expense would be totally worth it for me if Juleigha was benefiting from it, but she isn't. She's uncooperative which has never been an issue for her before. Because its a group setting the goals worked on are more group centered, and extremely difficult for Juleigha to do. Juleigha's issue is an oral-motor problem, she has a weak jaw (it slips when she talks and you can see it in her pictures when she smiles), she can't move her mouth the way she needs to in order to make the sounds of speech. She has great difficulty even having her tongue touch the roof of her mouth, even when sticking her tongue out she can't lift it up. The sounds they have been working on are f's, s's and d's all of which she can't do. The therapist is also trying to get her to say this and that, but as dis and dat...which because she has no d sound is frustring. I don't know, i just don't get a good feeling when i'm there and Juleigha said she doesn't like going which sucks because she's never not wanted to go before. And everything is so slow and so much time wasted. I feel like its more of a preschool class with a touch of speech therapy thrown in. Yesterday they literally spent 15 mins washing their hands and eating crackers.
When i got home yesterday i called up Juleigha's previous speech therapist (who also sees Lucas), to see if it was possible for Juleigha to come back to her. I was told defintely, her file was still open and she could come back with no difficulty. We'd need to do an assessment to see where she was at and to set our goals for the next block of therapy, so we booked that for mid October. After the assessment, she would begin therapy there again in mid november. I got off the phone and was thrilled, i know Juleigha responds well with her and its just a better environment for her to be in. She'll go once a week for an hour one on one, instead of at this other place which is twice a week with two other kids for 1.5 hrs at at time (really only an hour at a time, except for ever third session where its 1.5 hrs).
All of this brings me to my question. What do i do in the meantime? Do we continue on with this place until she starts back up at her previous therapy in mid november? The block of therapy she is in now is supposed to go until the end of november, so we have 12 sessions left i think so 6 weeks, with two weeks off in there somewhere when they move locations. Or do we just stop going and let her have a break until she starts back up here in november? And if we stop, how do i make the phone call letting them know (seriously i'm a wimp when it comes to these things)? The next session is on Tueday and this one for Juleigha will be 1.5 hrs long (she gets the first 30 mins to herself before the other two kids arrive), i don't know if i should just go to that last one so she gets one on one time and then stop going, finish the block out or just drop out now. HELP!! Keep in mind Juleigha has said she doesn't like going, and doesn't want to go anymore, but also is any help for now better then nothing until she resumes therapy at her previous place?

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At 1:41 AM, Blogger Kimmykay said........
Here is my round about reply.... IS Juleigha getting anything from this meeting? Does it stress her out more than it helps? If it does then drop it. Why continue doing something that doesn't have any redeeming value? She is getting interaction at school with other kids. Looks like you have speech lined up. I wouldn't be a slave to something that is NOT helping. THat's just me with 4 other kids I would be juggling so I know you know how that is. Good luck with the decision. It is hard.

At 9:25 AM, Blogger slh said........
If she really isn't getting anything out of the sessions and has already told you she doesn't want to go anymore I would say drop it now. Give her a break and start back where she's comfortable in November.

Good luck!

Susan (from Alien's other board)

At 8:37 AM, Blogger Burgh Baby's Mom said........
I agree with the other two--if she's not getting anything out of it, then skip it.

You shouldn't worry too much about telling the office that you are going to stop using them. It's your kid and you're just doing what you think is best. What difference does their opinion make?

At 9:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said........
I'm a new "Reader" but I wanted to give my 2cents on the topic. I totally agree with the other commenters. If Juleigha is not benefiting from the sessions then I say stop them. I would just call them up, let them know that you will no longer be using their services. That you appreciate their help but you do not feel that it is the best place for your daughter. I would totally be honest with them, as they say "honesty is the best policy".


At 10:04 AM, Anonymous Redneck Mommy said........
I agree with the other peeps.

As a momma bear to a boy who could make no bilabial sounds, and had only one muscle in his tongue that would work (there are three) which resulted in a tongue that lay there like a dead fish and couldn't be used for speech purposes, I've been around the speech block or two.

If you continue to take your daughter there until mid November, I'd recommend speaking to them about doing more appropriate speech activities that your daughter might actually benefit from so as not to waste your time. Maybe a gentle reminder to them about what your daughter needs would help.

Or not.

But regardless, good news on the better speech in November!!! Best wishes!

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