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Monday, March 26, 2007
Even more you never thought you wanted to know about me, this time thanks to Mary

1.) If you could choose, how many kids would you and Peter have? **funny you should ask this, we were half joking about adding to our brood this afternoon. We were out at lunch and there was a table near us that had triplets...and i kept watching them thinking how cool it would be to have three babies at the same time. Peter would probably have a coronary if we were to have triplets lol...i know i want at least one more...if we get more then that in the pregnancy i'd gladly welcome it.

2.) Would you rather be a SAHM or head back to school/work outside the home? **I love being a SAHM mom. In four years all the kids will be in school full-time, until then i don't think i would consider not being a SAHM. Even then, its important to me to be able to pick my kids up after school everyday. I would love to go back to school one day, i'm just not sure for what anymore.

3.) Favorite "weird" food since you only like plain things.... **Filipino food such as Lumpia and Pancit

4.) Sex, better now, or pre-kids? **better now

5.) Biggest insecurity? **tie between my body and being incredibly shy

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At 12:37 PM, Blogger Tink said........
Great questions! The sex one has me curious (and thrilled). Why/How is it better now?

At 2:23 PM, Blogger G said........
well, we've been together for over 10 yrs now, almost 7 yrs ago that Daynah was born. We just know each other better now, know each other's likes and dislikes really well. Because there are so many little feet running around our house, there are a lot of quickies because you knew know when they'll be a knock on the door, and a good quickie can be great lol. Also i think before kids i had a lot of inhibitions that i've since let go of sexually and so we do a lot of things now that prekids i wouldn't have even considered.

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