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Monday, March 26, 2007

My Material Girl....

Daynah has been taking dance for two years now. Like in everything else she does, she is very focused. She knows the names of all the dance steps and practices until she has them all mastered. Last year in her first year of dance, during the recital, she was the only girl in her group that knew the whole routine and didn't seem to be intimidated about performing on stage. She's been working hard this year in her dance clas learning new steps, learning a new dance routine. This
past weekend was her dance recital. The song her group danced to was Madonna's "Material Girl". This year she was a leader in her class. .In her routine she was at the front of one of the lines (which NEVER happens since she is the tallest and is always put at the back because of it), and it was her job to start dancing first and keep count so that the girls behind her knew when to join in. She did an amazing job and she looked absolutely beautiful up on the stage...my eyes swelled with tears i was so proud of her. Next year she has been asked to take the Major Jazz class instead of the Minor. Way to go baby!!

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At 1:25 AM, Blogger EE said........
Awww, she looks great! You must be so proud. :)


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