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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
~Just call me Betty Playdoh~

I spent this morning at school with Juleigha and Melyssa. They will be receiving their very first report cards next week, and today was my day to come in and observe them in class and then get a chance to ask any questions i had of the teacher. The girls were thrilled to have me there with them, I got to see a sampling of their work, and from the sentences written about Melyssa's pictures it just confirms that she has QUITE the imagination lol. It was so great to see how much Juleigha was participating in circle time, i think every time her teacher asked a question her hand shot up. Her teacher let me know that she has come such a long way since school began, and that even one day Juleigha was in the block centre and she acted out a whole fairy tale (she couldn't remember which one) and said that seeing her do that just blew here away because the Juleigha that started K this fall would never do that in a million years lol. We were told that Juleigha has such a strength in drawing and letters which we already knew, and we were told that on Tuesday she is being awarded a Dragon Power award!! A Dragon Power award is given to students that are respectful to others, set a good example for others and just in essence try their hardest. I can not wait to see her face on Tuesday when her name is called at the assembly...she is going to be so happy. We talked about how the teacher was coming along with picking up Juleigha-ease and she said she gets it most of the time, has her repeat a bunch and if not calls in the translator (Melyssa lol). Melyssa is doing great as well...no concerns there. She's a bit of a goof at times and loves to be the centre of attention...which is so very true. Where Juleigha excels in letters, her strength lies in numbers, which their teacher finds fascinating lol (as if because they are twins they are supposed to be exactly alike). End result the girls are doing fabulously and there are no concerns with either of them.

By now you are probably wondering about the title lol. While there we got to see them play as well as do activities. Both girls were playing at the playdoh centre for quite some time. All that was there was some pink playdoh, and it had been well loved. The stuff was hard and crumbly and quite difficult to roll flat. So this afternoon after lunch, the kids helped me make playdoh for their class. We made purple playdoh with grape kool-aid. We made orange and green playdoh colored with food colouring. And the best of all, we made chocolate playdoh with cocoa in it (seriously smells delish!). We worked on making the playdoh all afternoon and the girls are so proud to be taking it into class tomorrow.

So ya...just call me Betty Playdoh :)

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At 12:54 PM, Blogger Emily said........
Its great that they are doing so well in school. And the award? AWESOME! Take lots of pictures at that assembly...lol

I oughta make playdough...its been so long since I have made it..geeeezee...I may not have ever made it with the boys. LOL

At 4:25 PM, Blogger mamatulip said........
LOVE the new template!!

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