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Thursday, May 17, 2007
So this Tuesday night begins SOCCER SEASON. All three girls played last year, and my husband and myself as well as our neighbors were the coaches for our twins team. We were lucky in that Daynah and the girls each played on Tuesday nights, most of the time at the same time, so i'd go watch half of her game then go watch the twins play all while keeping Lucas contained. There were some hellish nights where one would play at 6 and the other at 7 which made for an incredibly long night, especially since the twins and Lucas all go to bed at 7 (and still do). At the end of last season I SWORE that the kiddos were not going to do soccer again. It just seemed like too much rushing around, and the twins weren't really into it last year either. Then this February the flyer came in the mail again for signups and I started to contemplate it. Then a few of the moms in our playgroup said they were signing their kids up, so i contemplated it a bit more. Then i found out that the fourth kid is free lol, which since Lucas is eligible to play this year was great. So Peter and I discussed it. We figured as long as we didn't coach, it would make things easier, so we signed all four kids up. Lucas and the twins would all be on the same team, and Daynah would be on another in her division. Of course my thinking was since she was still 6 they'd keep her in the Under 6 division thereby playing the same nights as the other three kiddos. You know what happens when you ASSume something...ya.

So tonight we went out to meet Daynah's coach and pickup her uniform and get the schedule. I called up the trio's coach to see if i could pickup their uniforms since i'd be in the area (otherwise he was just handing the out at the first game and i wasn't going to dress them on the field). Anyhow, Daynah's coach had called earlier in the week to arrange the meeting and had told us the first game was this coming Tuesday and since i know the under 4's play on a tuesday i again ASSumed things were going to work out well. The coach hands us the schedules and tells us that they play on Thursday nights, except for one tuesday a month where they will play on tuesday nights. Practices however are always on tuesday nights, at the Catholic school about 5 mins away. My jaw hit the floor as the information hit me and sunk in. The trio plays on Tuesday nights, every tuesday night, at the soccer fields in the community. Daynah practices on Tuesday nights, at a location at least a 5 minute drive away from those soccer fields, at the same time as the trio plays. This is going to suck BIG TIME. This means that either both of us will only see roughly half of the trio's games, spending the other half of the time at Daynah's practices (alternating of course), or we need to find someone else to take Daynah to her practice. While the trio are supposed to play soccer and be under the coach's supervision, i have visions of the three of them taking off on me, each in a different direction, laughing maniacially. At least with two of us there, the odds of us keeping them under control are better.

As of tonight i've decreed that next year there will be NO soccer for us...now i just need to figure out how we are going to survive this season.

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At 5:14 PM, Blogger Dana said........
I feel for you, I really do. I say the samething every year about baseball!

At 1:27 AM, Blogger Mary said........
that does not sound like fun....we had to juggle swimming and tball for 4 weeks and it SUCKED. Big time.

you can do it, the kids will have fun, and it will all work out :)

At 10:51 AM, Blogger geenalyn said........
thanks guys...i'm hoping we survive. The kids are excited and that is what's most important.

At 11:23 PM, Blogger EE said........
See....and every time I feel like I am busier than hell with my TWO kiddos, I can just slip on over here and become instantly humbled. LOL!

You rock. Soccer is so much fun. H wants to do it so badly. I'm hoping next fall will work out. :)

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