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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
I'm up to my ears in cake batter and icing today. A few days ago i mixed up a double batch of icing so that i wouldn't have to do that today too. So far today i've made ice cream cone cupcakes and squeezed some icing on them to look like whipped cream and added some sprinkles. I've also baked up a crown cake and a dora cake, both of which are currently cooling on the counter. I still have decorating both cakes ahead of me, but for now i get to take a minute to rest.


So Lucas is surrounded by girls, all of which have their ears pierced. He has been coming up to me for the last week or so, pointing at my ear and saying "me want one". Now, I'm totally cool with him getting an earring, i think he'd look cute...but i'm not sure what other people would think of him. I'm pretty sure my parents and Peter's parents wouldn't approve. I'm not even sure my hubby would like it, although he hasn't specifially said no. So would you get your three year old son's ear pierced??


Melyssa went to preschool by herself this morning!! This is HUGE!! Before whenever one of the girls was sick, or had to miss school for whatever reason, the other would insist on staying home too because they didn't want to go alone. This morning i had to take Juleigha to the doctors because she was complaining her ear hurt, and then afterwards i dropped her off at school. I talked to their teacher and she said Melyssa was fine the part of the morning Juleigha wasn't there. I don't know if it was because Melyssa just realized she doesn't need Juleigha around all the time, or if it was because i stressed to her that Juleigha would be at school in a little while. Whatever the reason, its a good thing and i hope it continues. Next fall when they are in Kindergarten i'm not keeping them both home when one is sick thats for sure...


I need to start following my weight watchers program more religiously again. I just can't seem to get myself motivated to do it. I WANT to do it, and yet i'm not. *sigh*

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