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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thirteen Things about the kiddos birthday party

1. There were 10 kids in total, of course 4 of them belonged to me

2. It was held in a community room of the local library. We got this amazing deal: the room for 2 hours, games, a craft, pizza, drinks and the best part of all...a super energetic party hostess to be in charge of EVERYTHING!!

3. A not quite two year old, with a penchant for throwing things, can quickly become the life of the party.

4. Kids, even mature 7 yr olds, will fully believe that a roll of crepe paper can explode when dropped and at the same time contain a monster.

5. If your son sees you putting special bracelets and necklaces on his sisters, he too will want to wear a bracelet. You can see it on him in this picture.

6. 10 kids, play games and having fun can scream quite loudly, and they don't get when the hostess says to act like they are screaming but without the sound.

7. Freeze dancing is a lot more fun when you are not the one doing the acutal dancing

8. Sometimes you just need to sit in the corner with a friend looking at at train book in between partaking in the rest of the action

9. Remember to bring a knife with you in order to cut the cake, and forks for eating the cake. If you don't you'll have to drive the 5 minutes back home to pickup a knife and then head to the grocery store to pickup forks. Be thankful though that its not you that needs to entertain the kiddos during this brief intermission

10. If you are the parent bringing the cake over to the kids, and your husband is videotaping, be sure to pass your camera off to one of the other parents, otherwise this is the only cake shot you'll end up with. And the real fun happened during the candle blowing

11. There is no easy way to have three kids unwrap their birthday presents all at the same time, seriously its just chaos. Not to mention they then want whatever they unwrapped open, and well you really can't pull that off and waiting isn't in a toddler's vocabulary.

12. best part of the party was having the hostess. Seriously can not rave about her enough. She had all the kids up and playing and enjoying themselves. She was enthuastic and the kids loved her. And i got to have conversations with the adults there and enjoy the party, whether i was watching or helping lucas run in circles during musical chairs

13. After a fun filled birthday party, even kids that haven't napped in nearly 2 years, will turn into puddles of discontent because they are exhausted. For the record, 10 kids screaming in joy is music to my ears compared to two tired girls screams

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At 2:54 PM, Blogger Dana said........
You are a braver soul than I! I could never be in a room with 10 kids.

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