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Perpetual Exhaustion
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Saturday, May 05, 2007

We were in the car, coming back from a birthday party that Daynah attended. As we'd been in the car for awhile, the kids decided it was time for a movie.

Juleigha: movie?

Daddy: alright, what would you like to watch?

Juleigha: cowboy cowboy

Melyssa: NO cars!

Juleigha: Go sleep

Melyssa: No, Cars! close YOUR eyes.

***Toy Story 2 starts***

Juleigha: COWBOY!!

Melyssa: Yeah!! I love cowboy too

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At 1:58 PM, Blogger Kris said........
Geena, I was great to see a comment from you! Your kids are adorable!!!

I am certainly with you on being exhausted. :)

We have these same conversations going on in our car too. LOL.

Keep in touch sweetie! We will have to swap Mommy stories. :)

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