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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
I'm. Not. Ready!!

Yesterday after OD came home from school, she emptied out her backpack for me and I started going thru the papers she had brought home that day. First there was a flyer for some indoor soccer club, then a scholastic order form. The last piece of paper was printed on green paper and had the school logo on it, so i saved looking at it for last. I placed the papers on the counter, emptied out her lunch bag and then went back to the stack of papers. I immediately recycled the indoor soccer form, glanced thru the scholastic order form, but realizing it was the same one the girls have brought home from school the previous week recycled that as well. This brought me back to the green paper with the school logo on it. Across the top of the paper were the words that literally made me throw up a little in my mouth....Kindergarten Pre-Registeration Survey. You see here in the great white north, Kindergarten lasts for two years, 5 days a week for 2.5 hours a day. Children go to Junior Kindergarten when they are four years old. This form was announcing that kids born in the year 2003 are eligible to attend Kindergarten next fall. My baby girls can go to school, they can climb aboard that big school bus and go off to real school next year. The form just wants their names and birthday and our address so that they can set up an appointment in April for us to come in and register the girls. The form also lists all the documents we'll need to have with us when we come in for our appointment, proof of their citizenship, address, and immunizations. Thinking about sending them to school next year feels me with so much angst. I know that Twin A will do wonderfully in school, she loves preschool and surprises me with all the new songs and poems she learns. Twin B is where all my nervousness comes from. She loves going to preschool, it took her a bit to get comfortable but once she did she's been great. My fear is that because of her Apraxia she'll flounder in school next year. I'm afriad that the kids will pick on her or not want to play with her because they won't understand her (the kindergarten class is a mixed Junior/Senior class, so there will be kids as young as 3, who will turn 4 that year in JK, and as old as 6, those in SK, in the class). I'm also afraid that the teacher won't be able to understand her or give her the help she needs. I'm afraid because she'll need to be able to say her ABC's to prove she knows them and count to 10 and such and she just physically can't, that she'll develop a hate of school instead of loving it. Seriously thinking about sending them to school in the fall literally makes me sick to my stomach. And lets not even discuss putting my 30 lb kiddos on a bus to go to school. I have to have the form returned by the 31st of January....i'll just try to ignore it till then.

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At 1:04 AM, Blogger Mary said........

I think all parents are nervous about their kiddos starting kindy, but since you start it a year earlier than most, yikes! I know you must be stressed. What happens if you were to move in to the area in like June, then you could sign up then, right? So just put if off a few months. Then you don't have to stress about it quite yet, and you can wait to decide what to do once the girlies are a little older.

At 9:42 AM, Blogger G said........
thanks Mary....I haven't yet filled out the pre-reg survery thingie yet...and after i do that i can forget about it for a few months until actual registeration. I just have to keep telling myself that its next fall is still 8 mos away and Twin B has come such a long way already and is making strides everyday that who knows what she'll be like by then...

At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Candace said........
I could have written your post back in November when Maia started pre-k. I was so scared of her going to school because of her speech issues, and had the same fears that you have for J. That no one would be able to understand her, that she wouldn't make friends. But they were all unfounded. Maia LOVES going to school. And since she started, her speech has grown by leaps and bounds. It's amazing to see how much she's learning just by being around other kids her age. And the bus thing? I didn't have a choice of letting her ride it, but it killed me to put her on it. Funny, it's her favorite thing about school.

She'll amaze you once she starts school with everything that she's learning. Like you said, she's already come such a long way. She'll catch up soon, and before long you won't be able to tell that she even had speech issues.

At 12:12 AM, Blogger EE said........


Seeing as I just sent H off to preschool this Jan. I can't even *fathom* pre-k. And like you said, they are your 'babies'. I know it will hit me HARD core when H is in preschool full time and it HITS.


But seriously. Hang in there babe. Things will come together and it will be ok.

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