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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Ahhhhh there is no place like home, let me tell you. The trip was great. The kids loved spending time with grandma and grandpa (and each had their favorites). The weather was unbelievably wonderful...we spent lots of time outdoors. Did some shopping and had a great turkey dinner. Car rides were long, but the kids were excellent on them. Coming home to my own bed, couch, comforts....nothing better. Since we've been back things have been busy. My oldest daughter brought home her very first letter grade report card, and she is one smart cookie. She is in first grade and received all A's and B's. Her teacher just gushed about her both on the report card and our parent conference....she's way ahead in reading (she reads chapter books) and ahead in most other areas as well. Everyone loves her and she loves school...i'm beyond a proud momma. I'd been telling Kath how lucky i'd felt that my kids have been relatively healthy so far this year. Sure we've had our never ending colds, but i can handle runny noses. We haven't needed any meds or trips to the doctors. Of course right after i say this to her, my son's cough starts sounding awful. Took him to the walk-in clinic where he is diagnosed with an ear infection and a chest infection (totally wet chest). He's been on the antibiotic for 5 days now and he still sounds icky, has long coughing jags that wake him up at night and has thrown up a few times due to the phelgm. Hoping to get him into his ped today...but so far no luck. **updated got him in..he now has a double ear infection and his asthema is going strong so we've upped his inhalers. If this doesn't work we'll put him on an oral steriod next.
And the most exciting bit is that we are now a two car family. My hubby has a little commuter car to take to work everyday, leaving me the van. Its' incredibly nice knowing that if the weather is nasty, too cold or whatever i can drive the kids to school instead of walking with them. If the school calls because my daughter is sick i can go get her instead of tracking down my MIL. And i can take the kids places. Yesterday we went to the grocery store and they were great helpers, putting things into the cart for me when i handed it to them, or getting something off a shelf that i pointed out to them. I'm looking forward to all the places we can go now since we have a car.
My christmas shopping is done, now i have to start the wrapping it all (my favorite part)

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