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Perpetual Exhaustion
hanging on by a thread

Thursday, December 07, 2006
1. When twin 1 says to me out of the blue "mommy i love you too"
2. Hearing twin 2 talk in new sentences every day. She is trying out more and more new words each day...she still has an incredibly long way to go but she's come so far already
3. Oldest daughter reading to me
4. when my son looks up at me with his big blue eyes and says "pa peas" (up please)
5. watching my twins comfort each other when the other is upset
6. watching the three little ones holding hands as we walk somewhere together
7. listening to the three little ones talk, not knowing what they are saying, but they each understand each other
8. seeing how happy my son is when he plays dress up with his sisters
9. seeing how excited my oldest gets when she figures out how to do something new on her own, or overcoming her fear of doing something
10. having ticklefests with all my kids, i love hearing their laughter
11. being the person that my son wants the most, the person that can comfort him when he's upset, who he chooses to put him to bed each night (no gaga, mommy)
12. watching oldest daughter practice her dance steps, and counting down the days until she has her next class
13. how twin 1 has a knack of falling asleep anywhere, but won't nap if you were to put her down.

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