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Monday, January 15, 2007
I'm covered in glue. My neck and shoulders are a bit sore, but i have such a satisified feeling. Every night since Friday, after i put the kids to bed, i've been up in my room scrapbooking. There used to be a time when i was current in my scrapbooking. Even after the twins were born, i was basically current, pictures would get developed and i'd find time to scrapbook them. Then i was pregnant with my son and the girls were still babies and well i started to fall behind. I'd be a few months behind, nothing terrible. After my son was born, well i had even less free time, and if i had free time, i was so tired that i'd rather veg then drag out all of my supplies and work, so i got even further behind. Currently i was about a year and a half behind in each of the kids albums. So i've been busy trying to make a dent in the backlog. Friday night i managed to do three double page layouts in my son's album where he's 1-2 yrs old. Saturday night i did another three double page layouts, and Sunday night i was really productive and made four double page layouts in his album. This brought him up to being only a year behind lol. Tonight i figured i should spread my energy and so i started OD's next album, the summer before she turns 5 going to the summer before she turns 6 probably depending on how much i can fit in the album. I did 3 double page layouts and one single page layout. One of the double page layouts took me well over an hour to acomplish, but it turned out beautiful and i'm quite proud. I'm still about a year and a half behind in hers, but its a start lol. The twins are also a year and a half behind still. I'm thinking that all pictures I take starting this January will go into a family album instead of continuing on with their individual albums. This way i dont' need to scrapbook Halloween, visits to the pumpkin patch, christmas, etc four times over. At the same time i love the kids having their own special albums something they can take with them when they grow up and get married and have kids of their own. And of course if i start a family album now, OD will have had seperate albums longer then the other kids, and will they get jealous of that fact later in life?? Seriously i have angst over these questions lol. If any other scrapbookers read my blog, what would you do??

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At 10:47 PM, Blogger Mary said........
No real advice, but WTG on kicking ass with the pages! You scrap so much faster than I do.

Jake has 3 individual albums, Clara has 2, and we have a family one. Some of the best pictures are in the family one...

I don't scrap in order, and sometimes its really unbalanced as far as doing Jake pictures vs Clara's.

At 10:44 AM, Blogger Tink said........
The new layout is "Fabulous Dahhhhling!" I have no advice. I tried to scrapbook. I think I finished ONE page. So the fact that you care that much, to me, is wonderful.

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