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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Well its now 2007, the year 2006 is a thing of the past, and i'm quite happy about that. There are things in 2006 that i want to put behind me, to not think about anymore so that i can stop second guessing myself. The new year was brought in here without out much celebrating...dh watched a few stupid movies that he wanted to see and i read a good portion of a book. I don't even think we kissed at new year's, more like 20 after lol. I didn't set any resolutions...i don't see the point. Most resolutions are broken within the first weeks anyhow. Instead I have things i would like see happen in 2007, but if they don't occur it won't be the end of the world. One of the things i'd like to see happen are the end of diapers...my son is the last one in them, and i'm hoping he'll train this summer, but we'll see how that goes and if he shows an interest. It would be an amazing thing to not have to buy/change diapers anymore...i've been doing it for over 6 yrs now...at one point i actually had all four in diapers.

Lets see what else. I can. not. wait. for school to start back up. My twin girls have been out of school for close to four weeks now, and they don't start back until next Tuesday. Oldest dd has been off school since xmas, so not nearly as long but she's going on her second week off of school and quite frankly i think thats too long. She needs that routine and so do I.

The kids had a good christmas. Santa brought just enough new things that they were excited to have without being totally overwhlemed. Next year i'm really going to insist on not going anywhere on xmas day though...after celebrating on xmas eve and opening presents xmas morning from santa...i'd just like to realax at home and not worry about packing up and going to another persons house for xmas dinner where the kids refuse to eat and just ask for more presents all night long. So yep next year we'll do the whole xmas eve thing because its dh's family tradition, but xmas day we are staying home in our jammies.

I'm getting the itch to move again. I think its because its coming up on the point where we usually move. The longest we've ever stayed in a house is 2.5 yrs, we've been in this one for 1.5 yrs so far. I know we won't be moving, and i don't really want to. I hate the whole packing/unpacking stress...but i'm ready for a change. I love my house, but its defintely not my dream house. I would love to live in an area where i can't see into my neighbor's house from my living room...where i can't reach out and touch my neighbor's house. Maybe in a few years we'll look into finding a place like that....

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At 1:18 PM, Blogger EE said........
I'm so with you....ready for kiddos to go back to school and everyone's routines get BACK TO NORMAL. LOL

Here's to 2007! :)

At 3:21 PM, Anonymous mamatulip said........
We're gearing up to move this spring/summer too...I'm excited and I'm not, you know?

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