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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
The totally adorable and funny Tink came up with five questions to interview little ol' me with...and boy did they make me think!!

1. Besides being a Mom, what would you say is your greatest life accomplishment? **probably a tie between putting myself thru school without financial aide or help from my parents, and moving up here to the great white north away from my family and friends and everything i knew and loved.

2. What physical feature do you try hardest to enhance? **LOL i'm a SAHM i don't really spend much time trying to enhance much of anything on myself...if i were to play up a feature it would be my eyes, i like my eyes but hate that they are hidden behind my glasses

3. Which is better, Pudding or Jello? **depends, do you mean for general eating, when you're sick, for wrestling in, as a sexual aide, or best with alcohol?? pudding, jello, pudding, pudding, jello

4. What's the most rebellious thing you've ever done? **the first one that jumps to mind is when i was 19 and i went out with my friend, my brother and his best friend and instead of going to the movies like we'd told my parents, we'd gone out and gotten a hotel room so we could drink in. I wouldn't call it rebellion so to speak, but my mom probably considers all my tattoos rebellion...especially since i keep getting more even though she's told me to stop LOL.

5. If you could be a guy for one day, what would you do in that day? **I would totally pee standing up and outside and if there was snow on the ground i'd write my name in it. I'd probably jerk off at least once so i could see what the big deal was lol. I think i'd also shave off all my hair and see what its like to be bald. Scratch my ass and balls in public without worry, have a belching contest with some friends. Go to bed early so i can return to my normal self lol

Want to play? Leave a comment saying, "Interview me." I'll respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better. If I already know you well, expect the questions to be a little more intimate! Then you will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
Be afriad ;)

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At 2:43 PM, Blogger Tink said........
Great job! I especially love your answer to the "guy for a day" question. I've never considered myself to have penis envy, persay. But wouldn't it be nice to pee standing up? No more squatting at public bathrooms! *Sigh* They don't even know how good they have it.

At 5:21 PM, Blogger mamatulip said........
I'd totally jerk off too. Many times.

At 9:03 AM, Blogger Allison said........
YES! Jerking off would RULE! LOL!

You can interview me if ya want. :)

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