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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
I'm going to need to start building that tower soon it seems. Today in the car while driving over to a freind's house for a playdate, Twin A tells me that a little boy in their preschool class is their boyfriend. Twin B says he's her boyfriend too. Twin A says they "share him". I've known they were pretty close to this little boy for sometime, the girls talk about him a lot, say goodbye to him daily, mention when he isn't there. And according to the little boy's mom, my girls are all the kid talks about. Back to the conversation in the car, Twin A then informs me that her, her sister and this boy kiss each other and hold hands. And if that wasn't enough to give me a mild coronary, Twin A continues on and says that she "likes kissing him", Twin B was shaking her head in eager agreement. I asked the girls where they kiss him, and they both replied the cheek. I always knew i was going to lock them away in towers when they approached their dating years, i just thought i had a bit more time to go....they aren't even quite four yet!! Construction will begin immediately...

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