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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Interview Me - Part Deux this time brought to your from my friend Allison at Planet Alien

1. Name your very favorite characteristic of each of your children (physical and/or non-physical... your choice). **Daynah (formerly known as OD), i love her skill at dance...she is sooo happy when she's dancing and mastering a new move. Melyssa (Twin A) i love her teeny tiny little nose and her sense of humor, she is always making me laugh. Juleigha (twin b), I love her caring spirit, how sweet and kind she is...she has such a loving soul. Lucas (my little guy), i love his blue eyes...they are sooo amazing, and i love what a curious little adventurous guy he is.

2. If you could move back home and out of Canada, would you? Why? **i think about this question A LOT when i think about the future. I would love to move back home to Annapolis because it is home to me...i love going downtown and walking along the waterfront, hanging out at the Naval Academy...having my folks nearby so they can be a more active part of the kids lives, being close to my friends again. Knowing my children will learn their ABC's the right way and spell things correctly lol. Not having such horrible snowy and cold winters. But i know that unless we were to win the lottery, come into a bunch of money or Peter was handed an awesome job, we'll never end up there. One of the biggest positives for me to staying in Canada is that i never have to worry about an expensive bill if i have to take my kids to the ER or they get admitted into the hospital. That kind of piece of mind is amazing....

3. What's one thing you do in private when no one else is around? (I'm thinking something like pick your nose or bite your toenails. No need to get all perverted or anything on us. LOL!) **me get perverted, NEVER lol....picking my nose

4. What's your favorite time of the day and why? **7:30 pm because the three little kiddos are in bed, and hubby is putting Daynah into bed....so i get to put my feet up, chill out on the couch and just veg

5. If you hit the lottery today (a BIG jackpot), what's the first extravagant thing you would buy? **a mazada 5, i HATE our minivan....doing up the carseat in the back kills me.

Still time to ask to be interviewed...put INTERVIEW ME! in my comments if you'd like to join in on the fun

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