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Thursday, October 05, 2006
My three youngest kiddos are playing in the toyroom right now. They have about a million Little People strewn across the floor, most are abandoned and ignored, while the three of them play off together in the far corner in the Little People Barn. While two of them can't really converse, they all seem to be playing along in the same storyline and understanding what each other is saying...but most of all they aren't fighting. Its moments like these that warm my heart and make me smile.

On the walk back from the bustop today one of the older girls on the street handed me a slip of bright green paper and said if i ever needed a babysitter to give her a call. I smiled at her and told her she didn't know what she was getting into lol. The piece of paper said she had taken the babysitting course and that she only charged $5 an hour for up to three kids, more kids would be a bit more expensive. I think she is about 12 or 13 years old...she is the oldest of her siblings...very friendly and seems very mature. When she first handed me the paper i thought this would be great...i'd defintley call her up some time. The more i thought about it though, doubts crept into my head. How could a 13 yr old put my kids to bed at night if we were going out for an evening. Daynah can be difficult to put to bed some nights for us...i can't imagine she'd make it a cakewalk for a teenager. And would a 13 yr old really be able to take care of 4 kids at once, especially three so close in age?? Of course then i think back to when i was younger, and i too started babysitting when i was 12 yrs old...putting infants to bed...watching numerous children. I used to babysit on this one street, and i basically was the babysitter for everyone on the street that had young children. Whenever i would come over to babysit at one person's house, i'd usually end up the with the rest of the street's kids too. I loved being a babysitter...its hard to believe that just this past May the oldest group of kids i used to babysit graduated from highschool!! Guess i'm just gonna have to give this girl a chance...i know i can trust her and the kids all love her....of course now as a parent 12 seems sooo young to me to have that responsibiltiy lol...

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At 3:13 PM, Blogger Tink said........
Are you kidding me? Think back to the energy and stamina you had at 12. If I could have bottled that up and sold it I'd be so rich right now. ;)

At 9:08 PM, Blogger G said........
Tink, you are sooo flippin young still...you should have a ton of energy lol

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