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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Look at me...i'm blogging TWICE in one day!! Yeah here i go months without a single typed word and then BAM here i am going at it twice in a span of hours. After today's excitement though i just had to share.

After lunch today Melyssa came up to me and wanted me to check her teeth. I've been checking for wigglers off and on for a few months, their big sister lost her first tooth before she turned 5, so i thought the twins might follow suit. Anyhow she asked and i obliged. I stuck my fingers in her mouth and started to give her bottom teeth a wiggle, when OMG i felt movement, lots of movement!! I got excited, Melyssa got excited, and Juleigha wanted to wiggle Melyssa's tooth. So i stuck my fingers back in to show Juleigha which one it was, when OMG the one right next to it wiggled. It wiggled A LOT! Now i'm super excited, Melyssa is super excited and Juleigha wants me to wiggle her teeth. I give Juleigha's bottom teeth a wiggle, but all are firmly planted in the gums, this is not pleasing to Juleigha lol.

After eating an apple and giving it a bit of a wiggle, Melyssa lost her very first tooth.

When Daddy came home a few hours later, she wanted her other tooth to come out. So Daddy reached in, gave it a bit of a tug and out popped her second tooth.

I'm thrilled for her, and I love her gappy tooth smile, but man does it feel like a kick in the chops all at the same time. My kids are growing up...

Tonight we put her two teeth in her special tooth fairy pillow. In the morning she'll wake up to find the tooth fairy came and left her a load of cash. I can't wait to capture her smile when she sees her teeth gone from the pillow and in its place 5 shiney $1 coins.

I'm expecting Juleigha and Lucas to start trying to pull their teeth out shortly after seeing Melyssa's haul lol.

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At 7:47 AM, Blogger ALLISON said........
Awww! Hannah lost her first tooth a few weeks ago too. And now the second one is loose! Can you believe they're old enough to be losing teeth already? ACK!

At 5:21 PM, Anonymous September said........
Wow! Two teeth in one day, I'm impressed. Bronte's such a wimp her teeth will probably have to fall out on their own, lol.

At 6:27 PM, Blogger Burgh Baby's Mom said........
And back to AWOL for weeks! Missing you. ;-)

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